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Soft regular shafts are slightly lighter, and for people with a slower swing speed than those who use regular shafts.

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Q: What is the difference between a Ping regular shaft and soft regular shaft?
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The shafts on ping golf clubs are stiff flex regular flex and soft regular flex are the soft regular flex the old seniors flex?

Hi....I have played Ping clubs for serveral years..and yes the Ping soft regular shaft is equivilant to the senior shaft or A flex of many shaft designations.

What shaft can be substituted W54 ping graphite shaft?

You can replace that shaft with any on the market. Since that shaft came with the Ping ISI Irons and had a firm flex, since the W44 were regular, you should get a stiff shaft put in for a replacement.

What are w54 graphite ping shafts?

This is a Ping graphite shaft that was sold with the ISI model Ping Irons in the nineties. The w54 was a firm stiffness-not regular-but it was very light weight shaft at that time.

Write difference in the form of a table between Ping and Trace Route command?

Write difference in the form of a table between Ping and Trace Route command?

What is difference between ping command and telnet command?

* ping only check connectivity, whereas telnet is remote access * ping does not need password while telnet does * ping is lay2-3 and telnet is lay7

How can you tell what the shaft flex is on Ping eye 2 irons?

Take the grip off. If there is a green mark at the butt end of the shaft the shaft is stiff.

Is there a difference between ping pong and table tennis?

They are two different names for the same thing.

Does the 2008 mazda3 take regular gas or premium?

Try regular 87 Octane - if it does not "ping" excessively you should be OK - if it does "ping" excessively try 89 octane

What does the spot colour on ping golf cluBs mean?

They realte to the Ping custom fitting system, it determines which lie angle you should have on your clubs as well as shaft length.

What is the difference between a hybrid and a utility club?

They are just the same thing. When they first came out they were known as utility clubs, they just had bigger heads on a standard iron shaft. But the soon evolved into an iron/wood mix, with a head which had the loft of and iron and the design of a wood on a longer shaft. There are also utility wedges, Ping makes these, they have nothing to do with hybrid clubs, it is essentially a gap wedge.

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As a metric of network performance, Ping, also known as Network Latency, is a measurement of the time that it take for a small message (or a "Ping") to be sent from your computer to another computer on the internet, then returned back to you. Ping is typically measured in milliseconds. Low numeric results or a "Low Ping" is desirable for good network performance over a "High Ping". Ping is also the name of of command-line command that can be typed to initiate a "ping" and measure the time that it takes for the message be returned to your computer.

Is regular unleaded ok for BMW 323i?

As long as it does not "ping" excessively

What is the difference in performance between the Prolite by Graffalloy vs the Aldila NV65?

I have drivers with both shafts. I like the Graffaloy Prolite(3.5)shaft because my swing speed has slowed, at 52yrs old, and it is the most responsive shaft I have ever had. More swing speed helps you get the ball up higher and the Adila NV 65 has a high kick point which keeps the ball lower. If you swing at 95 mph or more I think you would really love the NV. I will say I can hit my Adila shaft low and straight. If you swing below 95 you might look at the new NVS. JB Interesting question as I'm undergoing the same experimentation. I've been hitting a Ping Driver (TSI) for several years with the Graffalloy Pro Lite Stiff shaft. Recently a weight inside the clubhead came loose. A Ping G210 degree with the Aldila 65 R-Flex shaft was too good to pass up. On the launch monitor, I found that I actually preferred the stock Ping shaft (1000) in a R -flex. But this club came with the Aldila and with the promise that my seller (local golf retailer) would re-shaft back to the Ping if I didn't like the Aldila. My first two rounds have been inconclusive with the Aldila. I have smoked a number of drives yet have also been inconsistent in my flight pattern. Notoriously straight off the tee, I've faded and hooked the Aldila. This rarely happened with the Graffaloy Pro Lite.I'm 6'2" tall, about to turn 60,in good shape, and a 6 handicap, but the mind games seem to start around this age and one wonders if transitioning from Stiff to Regular is beneficial. My guess is that I will go back to a Stiff shaft for the near if not forseeable future and my shaft will be Graffolloy Pro Lite pulled from my old Ping. Jim Gulley

What is the difference between table tennis and ping pong?

There is no difference between table tennis and ping pong. Table tennis and ping pong are just different names for the same sport.Table tennis is the official name for the sport, but when it was first invented it's popular name was ping pong. This is due to the sound the objects they used for bats would make.AnswerTable Tennis is the name of the sport played. That is why there isn't ping pong in the olympics. Ping Pong is a brand name that has since become interchangable with the word table tennis in the United States. There are ping pong tables which are used to play table tennis (the brand ping pong) and table tennis tables which are essentially the same thing.

Has anyone ever heard of a Ping Day putter?

Sort of, one of the models of Ping putters is called the 'My Day'. -------------- Yes, I own a PING DAY PUTTER. The "My Day" is a different shape with the shaft entering the putter head somewhat toward the center - while the "Day" has the shaft fully off the heel of the head. The "My Day" seemed to be more readily available than the "Day".

What does ping rate mean?

The ping rate is the communication delay between two computers or a computer and a network. A computer ping test can determine how fast a computer can connect to others.

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Full form of PING is: Packet InterNet Groper PING: Ping is defines as " the tools which is used to check the communication of between the systems, routers switches and also the Internet". the syntax is: ping ip address (or) ping system name (or) ping device name The abbreviation of PING is : "Packet InterNet Goopher"

What is the difference between a ping pong ball and a golf ball?

Made of different materials, different weight, surface is shaped differently, one is hollow, the other solid.

Ping-pong diplomacy refers to what type of exchange?

Ping-pong diplomacy refers to the exchange of ping pong players in the 1970's between China and The United States of America. This exchange is notable as it repaired relations between the USA and China.

What is the value of a Ping Y blade putter?

If you mean value in terms of money, that will depend greatly on the condition (grip, shaft, blade, etc).

What is the easiest golf iron to hit between calloway ping and Taylor made?

A big chunky Callaway, then Ping, then Taylormade.

When you ping reply but your ms is very heigh?

If ping is reporting large numbers on a ping request it generally means the network is congested or there are bad connections between some of the routers in the route.

What are the ping pong table dimensions of a regular size table?

A regular size ping pong table should be five feet wide ( 60 inches), nine feet long ( 108 inches), and the height should be at 30 inches. Therefore, it is a pretty good sized table.