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Its the same, but olympic skiing take place in the Olympics;-)

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Q: What is the difference between Olympics alpine skiing and regular?
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What is the difference between the Special Olympics and the regular Olympics?

The Special Olympics was begun by the Kennedy family for a sister who was mentally challenged. It is a national and international event which provides athletes with disabilities to compete and win awards. -they are different because one is for intellectual and physical disibilities

What is the difference between alpine and continental glaciers?

what is the difference between alpine and continental glacires?

Is there any difference between an alpine bio me and an alpine tundra biome?

I don't believe there is any difference they are the same thing

When was alpine skiing first in the Olympics?

Germany's 1936 Olympics that is when it first started

Which event is Ghana is in the 2010 Olympics?

alpine skiing

Words that start with the letter A that are about the Olympics?

athletes Alpine skiing

Is alpine skiing always in the olympics?

Just since 1936

What sport did Debbie Armstrong do in the Olympics?

she did alpine ski racing

What medals did Canada win in alpine skiing at the last winter Olympics?

During the 2006 Winter Olympics, Canada did not win any medals in alpine skiing. Three of their participants placed fourth.

What is the difference between between arctic tundra and alpine tundra?

one is really cold and the other is not as cold and has more plant life

How are glaciers different from alpine glaciers?

They difference between them is where there flow. Continental glaciers are enormous ice sheets, and are found in Greenland and Antarctica. Alpine glaciers form in mountain valleys.

What Albania sport do they have in 2014 Olympics?

They have two athletes in Alpine Skiing.