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indoor sports are played outdoors and outdoor sports are played indoors

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Q: What is the difference betindoor and outdoor sports?
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What is the difference between outdoor recreation and outdoor education?

Outdoor recreation is when people enjoy the outside by playing games and sports. Outdoor education is when people are outside and use nature and experiments to learn something.

What is the purpose of outdoor recreation activities?

The purpose of having an outdoor sports is that you can have an indoor sports but you can also play sports outdoor.

What is the difference between sports and outdoor games?

Sports is any physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. An outdoor game could be anything that is played outdoors. Did you know that chess is actually know as a sport a well!!!

How many Americans play outdoor sports?

Millions of people play outdoor sports.

Which website gives pictorial details of outdoor sports?

just type in pictorial outdoor sports in google and you will get your answer

What kind of sports are there in an outdoor sports?

in outdoor sport like football ,volley ball ,basketball ,cricket etc are outdoor sport. because the are played outside.

What actors and actresses appeared in Outdoor Sports - 1929?

The cast of Outdoor Sports - 1929 includes: Syd Saylor as George

What are the release dates for Canadian Outdoor Sports - 1898?

Canadian Outdoor Sports - 1898 was released on: USA: March 1898

For what types of sport would one visit an outdoor outfitters?

Outdoor outfitters sell equipment and clothing for a wide variety of outdoor sports. Some of these sports would be cycling, skiing, backpacking, and fishing.

What is the difference between outdoor bleach and regular bleach?

Bleach can be used as a disinfectant, stain remover and cleaner. The difference between indoor and outdoor bleach is the ingredients, outdoor bleach is stronger.

Which outdoor sports is not aerobic?

Aerobic sports are sports that are done in the water, for example swimming and aerobic gymnastics. Sports like basketball, netball and golf are not aerobic sports.

Why are trainers good for outdoor sport?

Proper trainers, and not fashion trainers are good for outdoor sports as they provide comfort, support and protection. There is also an option for outdoor sports sandals which are designed for trekking, hiking, climbing and cycling and other outdoor activities. These are not suitable for sprint running and other athletics that require the support of trainers, but they are designed for men and women, they are light weight and stylish and worth considering for sports outdoor in a hot climate.

Where to get outdoor and sports coupons?

In a coupon magazine.

Which outdoor sports are not aerobic?

water skiing

Can you make a sentence with the word outdoor?

I prefer my sports in an outdoor arena, with the weather directly impacting the game.

Are indoor and outdoor sports related?

Yes Indoor and Outdoor sports are related;1) Indoor and outdoor sports are both physical activities that meet the expectations of sports organizations all over the world.If you care to be more specific I could answer the real question you have, perhaps Basketball vs. Football (American)

What are the release dates for Indoors Out - 2008 Outdoor Sports Bar 3-1?

Indoors Out - 2008 Outdoor Sports Bar 3-1 was released on: USA: 2009

What sports use the triceps?

You use your triceps in all the outdoor games.

Outdoor sports:?

Can be done anywhere outside

What outdoor sports do Canada enjoy?

Ice hockey

What do all outdoor sports do?

expose you to healthful levels of vitamin D.

What stores sell chaco shoes?

Outdoor shops, like Great Outdoor Provision or REI or a local outdoor store. Maybe a sports store if you're lucky

What is the Difference between indoor and outdoor games?

indoor games are played indoor outdoor games are played outdoors Indoor games are basically played inside home whereas outdoor games are played outside the premises of house and requires you to do to a little physical exercise. These days several outdoor games such as kayaking, trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, Camping, Aero Sports etc.

What sports are not played on the Sabbath?

Torah-observant Jews don't play any outdoor sports on the Sabbath.

What Dewey decimal number has sports books?

796 Athletic & outdoor sports & games