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They do not exceed 43cm (17In). Baseball is 22.89-23.495 cm(9-9.25In) in circumfernce.

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Q: What is the diameter of a size 1 soccer ball... Is it about the size of a baseball?
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What is the diamiter of a size 4 soccer ball?

5.73"- 8.28", diameter depends on size.

What is the size of the soccer ball adults use?

it is around the size 68-70 cm (about 27-28 inches) in diameter

What size soccer ball do women use?

Women's soccer is in a different league to the men's soccer. Women use a soccer ball that is the same size as the men's soccer ball.

What does 9.5 mean when referring to a baseball bat size?

Diameter of the ball is 9.5 inches

What is the size of the ball on the Sputnik?

It is two times the size of a soccer ball.

What is a footskill ball?

A foot-skill ball is a small (usually four inches in diameter) bean filled ball. The idea is to train on a much smaller surface than a soccer ball to improve your touch. If you can dribble well and have a clean touch on a four ball, then a full size soccer ball should be no problem!

What is the size of an adult soccer ball?

The size of a soccer ball is roughly 22 cm (8.65 inches) in diameter for a regulation size 5 ball. Rules state that a size 5 ball must be 68 to 70 cm in circumference. Averaging that to 69 cm and then dividing by π gives about 22 cm for a diameter.

If soccer ball and a bowling ball are about the same size why does the bowling ball have more mass?

The bowling ball is denser than the soccer ball, meaning it has more mass packed into the same volume. This is due to the material and construction of the bowling ball, which is designed to weigh more for the sport it is used in.

Is Earth the same size as a soccer ball?

No, Earth is bigger than a soccer ball. The analogy you may have seen is that if Earth were the size of a soccer ball, the Moon would be the size of a tennis ball, and would orbit the Earth at an average distance of 22 feet away.

How big is an average soccer ball?

An average soccer ball would be about a size 5. Hope this helps.

What is the volume of a size 5 soccer ball?

The answer should be around 68.83185 fluctuating by the inflation of the soccer ball.

Does the size and weight have affect on how far it travels when you kick a soccer ball?

the size does have something to do with the distance a soccer ball can travel.the bigger the ball, the more scoop you can get when you kick the ball. also, the more pumped a soccer ball is, the more force will be needed to kick it farther.