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Between 71.3mm and 74.8mm.

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Q: What is the diameter of a field hockey ball?
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Related questions

How many dints are there in a field hockey ball?

There are 412 dints in an official hockey ball according to the field hockey rule book.

How do you hit a puck in a field hockey game?

You don't. Field hockey uses a ball.

Speed of a field hockey ball?

In field hockey, if you hit correctly, the ball can reach speeds of up to 100 MPH!

Can you steal the ball in field hockey?


What is the difference between floor hockey and field hockey?

Floor hockey is played with hockey sticks and either a ball or puck on hard, flat, floor. Field hockey, on the other hand, is mainly played by girls. It consists of using a wooden curved field hockey stick and is played with a hard ball in a grassy field.

How does field hockey relate to hockey?

Hockey refers to a family of sports, all of which involve two teams playing each other, using sticks to propel a ball or puck into the opponent's goal. Field hockey is one of those sports, in which teams of 11 play on a turf with J shaped sticks, a small hard ball around 73mm (2.9in) in diameter. Outside North America, field hockey is shortened to "hockey", therefore blurring the distinction. Other hockey sports include ice hockey (referred to as "hockey" in North America) and roller hockey.

Does field hockey use spherical ball?


Do they use pucks in field hockey?

No. In field hockey a ball is used; pucks would not move along the ground.

Why are field hockey goals small?

Because field hockey ball is extremely small and it would be nearly impossible for a goalie to stop the ball if the net was bigger.

What equipment is used to play field hockey?

Hockey ball, Hockey stick, shin pads and clothing

What is Gently tapping the ball along in field hockey called?

Dribbling the ball

How you lift and balance the ball in field hockey?

The number of minutes in half a hockey game

Do they use helmets in hockey?

yes they do for ice hockey and only for the goalie for field hockey and i don't know about ball hockey

How much does a field hockey ball weigh?

a couple pounds

What is the speed of field hockey ball?

100 miles/hr

Does Field Hockey play with a stick?

Yes, all forms of hockey use a stick.A hockey stick is a piece of equipment used in field hockey, ice hockey or roller hockey to move the ball or puck.

Why is hockey more popular than field hockey?

feild hockey is uneven and th ball can move in random directions

Kinds of hockey?

1. ice hockey 2.field hockey 3. ball hockey 4. street hockey and by the way hockey SUCKS a** ringette RULES

Is there a specific bounce height for a field hockey ball?

No. The only specifications required for a legal hockey ball are the weight and size (and sometimes colour).

What material is used to make a field hockey ball?

fibre plastic

What is advancing the ball with the hand in field hockey?

a foul

How did they play field hockey?

by hitting a ball round a pitch with a stick!

How do you know who gets the ball first in field hockey?

Coin toss

How do score in field hockey UK?

you hit the heavy ball in the goal

What does lifting the ball off the ground mean in field hockey?