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6 feet wide by 4 feet high

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Q: What is the demension of the goal where the goalie stands in hockey?
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What is a goal made by a hockey goalie called?

A goal

In hockey who's job is it to prevent the puck from entering the goal?

The Goalie

What does EN stand for in hockey goalie stats?

Empty Net Goal Allowed

If a goalie in ice hockey does not allow a goal but does not play the full game does this count as a shut out?


What is the role of a hockey goalie?

The role of a hockey goalie is to stand in front of the goal and attempt to prevent the opposing team from hitting the puck into the goal. Apart from staying focused on the puck and stopping it from reaching the goal, they are also charged with the task of moving the puck to strategic places for their teammates.

What is stroke in hockey?

A penalty stroke is a penalty awarded for a range of offences:Any deliberate foul on a player with possession of, or an opportunity to play, the ball inside the circle;Any offence by a defender which prevents the probablescoring of a goal;Defenders consistently crossing the backline or centreline before the ball has been played during a penalty corner (usually called "breaking")It involves a single shot (the stroke) by an attacker from a spot around six and a half metres from the centre of the goal, with only one defender to try and stop the shot. Because of the distance involved, it is intended that a stroke should be converted almost every time; however, because of the stress associated with one and the skill of some keepers, they are actually stopped or missed fairly often - some leagues have conversion rates of only 50%, with many others not a lot higher. As such, a keeper who can stop one is often a morale booster for the team, and a player who scores is typically a cause for celebration.A series of five penalty strokes is also used to determine a winner in the case of some ties/draws.

What is a lacrosse goalie?

The player who stands in the crease of the goal and blocks the lacrosse ball from being scored into the goal.

Who was the first hockey goalie to score?

Martain Brouder was the first to score a goal, it was on an empty net late in a game.