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55 Degrees

55 degrees is the loft, not the bounce. The bounce is the angle of the trailing edge (heel) of the club to flat (0 degree bounce). In the Sure Out the bounce probably high, in the 12 to 14 degree range.

I just researched and purchased the Hogan Sure-Out sand wedge. The loft on the club is 56 degrees. The bounce on the club is actually only 6 degrees. What makes this club design compelling is that the extended length of the sole actually makes it play like a club with 14-16 degrees of bounce. What this design brings to the club is a ability to hit sand shots with a traditional open face as well as a standard square set-up. I purchased this club for three distinct shots: 1 = soft and deep sand, 2 = heavy southern Bermuda rough where you have to dig down and almost blast the ball out and you do not want to bury the club in th dirt, and 3 = the ability to play a ball off difficult lies and surfaces where you have to make a steeply decending swing and you do not want to risk digging the club in and hitting it fat.

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Q: What is the degree of bounce of the Ben Hogan 'sure out' sand wedge?
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