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A football game in which two teams of 11 players try to kick or head a ball into the opponents' goal .

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Q: What is the definition of soccer?
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Definition of soccer officials?


What is the definition of a geometric soccer ball?

A sphere.

What is the definition of a shutout in soccer?

A definition of a shut out is not allowing any goals at all during 1 game

What does pambolero mean?

its a definition used in latin America for a person that loves soccer any plays a lot of soccer.

What is the definition of a soccer academy?

A soccer academy is usually a camp lasting from a few hours to an entire summer that teaches soccer skills. Other soccer academies have an extended schedule like a regular school.

What is the definition for Instep opponent in soccer?

A kick or shot taken with the part of the foot where the shoe laces are located.

What is the definition of juggling a soccer ball?

'Juggling of a soccer ball' is the action of striking a soccer ball multiple times, whether by a singel person or by a pair or group, in what would be considered a legal fashion when done during a soccer game, so that it remains in the air or balanced on a person themselves.

What are the release dates for Soccer Mom - 2008 II?

Soccer Mom - 2008 II was released on: USA: 29 March 2008 (Digital Video & High Definition Film Festival)

What is the definition of a soccer goalie?

According to a goalie is a player whose chief duty is to prevent the ball from crossing or entering the goal.

What does FYSA mean?

{| ! Acronym ! Definition | FYSA Florida Youth Soccer Association FYSA Franklin Youth Soccer Association (Franklin, MA) FYSA For Your Situational Awareness FYSA Frederick Youth Sports Association (Maryland) |}

Is soccer an extrme sport?

Though there is no official definition of an extreme sport, soccer would most likely not qualify as one. Extreme sports are considered to be those which involve elevated levels of danger. (heights, speed, stunts, etc.)

Is soccer a aerobic activity?

Except for the goalies, the players spend most of the game running, which elevates respiration and heart rate, which is the definition of an aerobic activity.

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