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In a penalty there is no defensive wall.

In a free kick a goalkeeper puts 5-8 players in a line blocking the goal from the free kick taker, this limits the space in which the attacker can score in.

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Q: What is the defensive wall on a penalty kick in soccer?
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How close can a defensive wall be to a soccer penalty kick?

On a penalty kick, the defensive "wall" is one person, the goalkeeper, who must be on the goal line between the goalposts until the ball is kicked. The penalty mark is 12 yards from the goal line, so the "wall" (goalkeeper) must be 12 yards from the ball. On a free kick (sometimes mistakenly called a "penalty kick outside the box"), all defensive players (including the "wall") must retreat to at least 10 yards from the ball. On an indirect free kick within the penalty area, the defenders may stand on the goal line between the goalposts even if it's less than 10 yards away (but it will always be at least 6 yards, because no attacking free kick is ever taken inside the goal box, which is 6 yards from the goal).

In soccer what is a defensive line of pleryers in front of the goal when a free kick is in play called?

It's often called a wall.

In soccer what is a wall?

When a free kick is awarded, not a penalty, and there is a chance the the player taking the kick could reach and score a goal, several players stand side by side between the ball and the goal. This forms the 'wall'.

When do you form a wall in soccer game?

In a soccer game the wall is formed for a free kick.

How many defenders are allowed to form a wall on a direct kick from a hand ball penalty in soccer?

up to 11 but it's probably best to keep the goalie in between the sticks

What is the difference between free kick and penalty?

The main differences are that a penalty is only taken from the penalty spot inside the box, and a free kick is taken from where the offence took place, and can happen anywhere on the pitch unless it was a penalty. The opposition is allowed to put up a wall of players to defend the free kick, in a penalty it is only the penalty taker against the goalkeeper.

Is it a foul of kicking the ball back to your own keeper and he picks it up What is the foul and where is the ball placed?

Yes, it's the back pass rule.a free kick is given inside the box if the goalkeeper handles a pass from his is not a penalty, and the defensive side can set up a wall like a normal free kick outside the box.

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who built a defensive wall was hadrian

What were curtain wall castles?

It is a defensive wall.

Where in the world can you see the longest defensive wall?

wall of china.

How far the wall stand on a free kick in soccer?

They have to be at least 10 yards away or on their own goal line between the goal posts.

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