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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kick-off time will be approximately 6:25 pm on the East Coast; 5:25 pm Central; 4:25 pm Mountain; and 3:25 pm Pacific.

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The game will be played at 6:30 pm EST on Feb. 2, 2014

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The game will start at 3:30 p.m.

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Q: What is the day and time of Super bowl 2014?
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When was the last day time kick off for a Super Bowl?

The last afternoon kickoff time for a Super Bowl was Super Bowl XI between the Raiders and Vikings.

Does the Super Bowl happen on the same day every year?

No, the Super Bowl does not happen on the same day every year. The event always tries to set a day on the Sunday of the last week of January. When this happens, sometimes the Super Bowl will end up taking place on the first days of February. For example, the Super Bowl in 2014 took place on February 2nd.

What are the release dates for Inside Edition - 1988 Super Bowl XL VII Media Day?

Inside Edition - 1988 Super Bowl XL VII Media Day was released on: USA: 28 January 2014

Did the Super Bowl play earlier in the day?

The Super Bowl is on tomorrow.

How much coke is consumed on Super Bowl day?

like thousands of cokes are served on super bowl day!

When is puppy bowl 2010?

The same day as the super bowl.

Did New Orleans ever host or play in a Super Bowl?

The New Orleans Saints have never played in a Super Bowl. Many Super Bowls have been hosted in the Louisiana Superdome, But a long time ago, it was known as Tulane Stadium. Another Super Bowl will be hosted by the Saints in 2013. It will be the 10th Super Bowl hosted in the Superdome. The Saints do hope to one day go to a Super Bowl.

What time does the super bowl start according to Tokyo time?

Tokyo's time zone is at UTC + 9. Kickoff of the Super Bowl is traditionally at 1830 EST or UTC-5. This means that kickoff in Japan will be the next day at 0730 local.

What day do players get there for the Super Bowl?

It is 4 days after food hotel practice and enough time to rest

How long is Super Bowl?

all day

On which day does the average American drink more alcohol July 4th or Super Bowl Sunday?

super bowl Sunday!

On what day of the week is the 2010 Super Bowl?

The 2010 Super Bowl will be played on Sunday, February 7, 2010, in Miami.