What is the date for Ryder Cup Celtic Manor?

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2009-08-31 11:07:27

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1-3 October 2010.

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Q: What is the date for Ryder Cup Celtic Manor?
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Next ryder cup date?

1-3 October 2010 at Celtic Manor.

When is the next ryder cup?

Celtic Manor in 2010.

Where will the Ryder cup 2011 be held?

No where, there is no Ryder Cup in 2011. The next one is in at Celtic Manor in October 2010.

What have the Celtic manor done to prepare for the Ryder cup?

They've built new courses for it and a new bridge leading to the Celtic Manor.

What country was the ryder cup played in in 2010?

Wales (Celtic Manor Resort).

Where will the 2009 Ryder Cup be held in Wales?

Nowhere. But in 2010 at Celtic Manor.

Why is the ryder cup in tyhe Celtic manor?

The rotation is between USA and Europe, 2010 was Europe and Celtic Manor, the Twenty Ten course was selected.

Where will the 2010 ryder cup be played?

It is being held at the Celtic Manor which ins in Newport, Wales.

Which city hosted the Ryder Cup 2010?

The 2010 Ryder Cup was hosted at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales. Europe beat the USA 14 1/4 to 13 1/2. It was the first time Wales had hosted a Ryder Cup.

In what month will the Ryder Cup be held in 2009?

There will be no Ryder Cup in 2009. It only happens every 2 years. The next one will be played at the Celtic Manor course in Wales, from the 1st to the 3rd of October, 2010.

Why was Newport chosen as the host city for the Ryder CUp?

The Ryder Cup is not like the Olympics, a golf course is chosen, not the city. Celtic Manor is a beautiful championship golf course which has held European Tour events, so it was chosen out of the applicants.

Is Ryder cup third largest world sporting event?

Yes in TV viewing figures.

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