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thrown not trown

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Q: What is the curved path traveled by a trown baseball is known as?
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Why does Dionysus sit on the womens's side of the trown room in oylpmus?

In Greek myth he does not.

What kind of sport is a towel trown?

In football, a cloth rag is thrown during a foul

How many tons of garbage is trown in the water?

on average 175 tons per day

What is the paper thrown on us celebrations called?

Ticker tape paper trown in us celebrations

Will a chocolate chip cookie hurt a 20 lb shih tzu?

yes it will if its trown at about 5-10mph

What does frightened mean?

the first one is made afraid 2. trown into a state of intense fear or disperation.

What means frightened?

the first one is made afraid 2. trown into a state of intense fear or disperation.

I Hear a knocking sound in your engine sounds like pistons are hitting something on a 1993 Ford Escort GT what can it be?

you may have trown a rod.

When you are corporate climber and you get trown out the window does that mean you won?

i pretty sure it means you have one otherwise i just don't know what to call that. possibly a foul

Why did explores and settlers come to America?

they wanted new world and better life so they could believe in there own religion instead of what was being trown on them

What is Dollar Generals policy that if an item shows up at the cashier as a sell price of one cent you can't sell the item and instead it is thrown in the trash?

Then it's trown in the trash.

What year did Peyton Manning throw 50 TDs?

He has never trown 50 touchdowns. Tom brady has thrown 50, but Peyton manning has only thrown 49 in one season.