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18, 355 yards.

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Q: What is the current record career of the most professional rushing yards gained?
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Who holds the record for the most yards gained rushing NFL career?

Emitt Smith

Who has the most rushing yards for the Green Bay Packers?

The career leader in rushing for the Packers is Jim Taylor who gained 8,207 yds (1958-66)

How many rushing yards did Merril Hoge have?

He gained 3139 rushing yards his career.He also gain 2133 receiving yards, and 34 total touchdowns.

What National Football Career record does Emmitt Smith hold?

Emmit Smith holds the following official NFL Records: * Most Russing Attempts (Career) - 4,409 * Most Yards Gained (Career) - 18,355 * Most Seasons w/1,000 yards or more Rushing - 11 * Most Consecutive Seasons w/1,000 yards or more Rushing - 11 * Most Games 100 yds or more Rushing (Career) - 78 * Most Rushing TD's (Career) - 164

Who was the first running back in NFL history to average at least 100 yards rushing per game throughout his NFL career?

Jim Brown of the Cleveland Browns. Brown played in 118 games and gained 12,312 rushing yards for an average of 104.3 rushing yards per game.

What are rushing yards in football?

Rushing yards are yards gained by running the ball instead of passing.

What skills have you gained in your professional career that you would like us to know?

WikiAnswers cannot fill out job applications for you.

What team gained the most rushing yards in an NFL game?

The NFL record for yards gained rushing by a team in a single game is 426 by the Detroit Lions in a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates (now Steelers) on November 4, 1934.

Who has the second most yards gained rushing in a single game?

chris Johnson

How many records did Walter Payton break?

All-time rushing yards (16,726; now surpassed), Most 100-yard rushing games (77), and Most yards gained rushing in a game (275; now surpassed).

Who broke OJ Simpson's record of 273 rushing yards in a single game?

Walter Payton broke O.J. Simpson's single-game rushing record. Payton gained 275 rushing yards in a 1977 game against the Minnesota Vikings.

What are the most rushing yards ever gained by one person in one game?

296, done by Adrian Peterson of the Vikings. Before him, Jamal Lewis had the record, rushing for 295 in a single game.

Who held the single season rushing record before OJ simpson?

Jim Brown's 1,863 rushing yards in 1963 stood as the single-season record until O.J. Simpson gained 2,003 yards during the 1973 season.

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Which team lead the NFL in offensive yards in 2007?

That would be the New England Patriots who gained 6580 yards, 4731 passing and 1849 rushing. Second was the Green Bay Packers wih 5931 yards, 4334 passing and 1597 rushing.

Which running back in the 2008 Super Bowl had the most rushing yards?

That was Ahmad Bradshaw of the Giants who gained 45 yards on 9 carries.

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How many games did barry sanders play in to get 2053 yards?

He played in 16 games the year Barry Sanders gained 2053 rushing yards.

How many rushing yards did Earl Campbell run for against steelers?

Earl played in 12 regular season games against the Steelers and gained 683 yards.

Who holds the NFL record for most rushing yards in a season?

Eric Dickerson, who played for the Rams, Colts, Raiders, and Falcons between 1983-1993, holds the NFL record for rushing yards in a season when he gained 2,105 yards for the Los Angeles Rams in 1984.

What are Brett Favre's best season stats?

This might be 1995, one of his MVP seasons, when he completed 359 of 570 passes for 4413 yards, 38 TDs, and only 13 interceptions. He also gained 181 yards rushing and scored 3 rushing TDs.

Who is the leading rusher in Super Bowl history?

Washington Redskins Timmy Smith on 22 carries for 204 yards gained rushing in Super Bowl XXII

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Who is the football player is in the hall of fame for the most Receptions most Career Yards Gained and most career touchdowns and is the greatest receiver?

Jerry Rice

What NFL team gained the most yardage in a single season?

Through the 2009 season, the team that gained the most net yardage offensively is the 2000 St. Louis Rams with 7075. They gained 5232 yards passing and 1843 yards rushing. The 2000 Rams made the playoffs but lost to the Saints in the wildcard round.