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36 dollas...

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Q: What is the cost of a large pure rubber ball?
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Is a rubber pure?


Is rubber watertight?

Until it cracks, freezes, and breaks, yes, pure rubber is water-tight.

What is the chemical name for rubber bands?

A rubber band is not a compound, it is a mixture; it is formed from rubber and some additives.

How is a rubber bladder made?

Footballs are now made up of natural rubber bladder. Rubber bladder are made up of Butyl Rubber, 100% pure Butyl Rubber is preferred.

What is density of rubber?

Pure rubber gum has a density of approx 0.91 to 0.93 grams per mL.

What is the weight of a cubic inch of RUBBER?

There are different kinds of rubber, here is a list of their densities (in pound/cubic foot) : Rubber, hard. 74 Rubber, soft commercial 69 Rubber, pure gum. 57 - 58 Lets say you mean pure gum, then 2*57 will be 114 lb.

What has a higher density a small pure gold ring or a large pure gold ring?

I think it is the large gold ring

Who invented the gold ball in the 1400s?

The person who invented the gold ball in the 1400s was pure genius. He was able to

Is friction acting on a body which is in pure rolling?

yes there is still alittle friction on a ball that is in pure rolling because there is still interaction between the atoms that contact the surface of the ball and the floor

What are the elements in rubber?

Only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in pure natural latex, but rubber articles of manufacture usually contain other elements to improve the properties of the natural rubber for specific applications. Sulfur and zinc oxide are common additives to rubber.

Why is pure aluminium rarely used for the construction of large objects?

Pure aluminium is expensive.

What is the pure carbon that is shaped like a dome or soccer ball?