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$2-$800. Depends on the taxes.

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โˆ™ 2011-04-27 01:09:31
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Q: What is the cost of a good quality table tennis table?
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What is the best quality table tennis table?

On my opinion, I think stiga tables are very good. They are good quality and are cheap

What is the price range for a good table tennis top?

The price for good table tennis tops ranges between 300 and 1000 dollars. For beginners a 200 dollar table would be good enough. The Stiga Elite Roller Table can be purchased for 700 dollars and has very good quality.

Where can I get a good quality table tennis tables?

Here is a few web sites you can have a look at and check them to find the tennis table you are looking for this one can help you decide what type you want. Here is one on tennis tables for sale

Why are the Japanese so good in table tennis?


Where can one find a good table tennis conversion top?

One can find a good table tennis conversion top at ones local sports store. Good table tennis conversion tops can also be found by shopping online at online sports stores.

What is a website that sells table tennis equipment?

There is a website where table tennis equipment can be bought at Here, they offer some replacement nets for table tennis nets that have been lost at good prices.

Why is china so good at table tennis?

go to this link-

When to play table tennis?

table tennis is a good winter sport but can be played in the summer. The season starts in September and finishes in April/may.

What is a good diet for a table tennis player?

A good diet for a table tennis players is laods of fatsm, get really big that way you will eat the othe rplayer and you auto win. GG

What is the recommended size for a table tennis table?

5 feet across by 9 feet deep is a good size for table tennis. This is the tournament standard and should be good enough for competition, you would already be used to the size.

Where can I buy a table tennis table?

There are many sporting good retailers that sell table tennis tables for a reasonable price. Check sporting retailers such as Big 5 for the latest deals.

How much does a home drafting table cost?

The price of a home drafting table varies greatly depending on the size and quality of table you are looking for. On average you can expect to pay between $120 and $280 for a good home drafting table.

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