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Q: What is the cost for local commercials during super bowl on average?
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Does the super bowl continue during the commercials?

There will only be commercials if it is a timeout, halftime or something like that.

How many minutes of commercials were broadcast during Super Bowl XL?

47 minutes.

What was the order of 2010 super bowl commercials?

You can go to to find all the Super Bowl commercials in order

Where can you view the commercials from Super Bowl XLII?

I think they mentioned during the game that you could view all the super bowl commericials at youtube. Not sure of the link though.

What American domain name registration service advertises during the Super Bowl annually?

Go Daddy is a domain name registration service that is well known for advertising during the Super Bowl. They're known for having commercials with risque images and themes. They have sexually suggestive commercials with very attractive women.

Are Super Bowl commercials funny?

Sometimes the commercials are funny. Basically there are some people who watch the Super Bowl only for the commercials and to see how funny they are. It's all a matter of opinion.

Is there going to be 3D Super Bowl commercials?


How much are bud light commercials during the Super Bowl?

it was $100,000 a second. So around 3 million dollars each commercial

Who is responsible for financing the Super Bowl?

commercials, ads...

What are the release dates for Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials - 2001 - TV?

Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials - 2001 - TV was released on: USA: 27 January 2001

What commercials will air during Super Bowl 2009?

Valium, for all those who prefer to fall alseep during superbowl! Guaranteed to allow you the peace and quiet of superbowl free headaches!

What channels will be showing the Super Bowl XLVII commercials?