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2 minutes, most penalties are, except for a cut if bleeding (4 minutes) or other exceptions.

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Q: What is the correct penalty for checking the goalie in hockey?
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Can a ice hockey goalie throw his stick?

No throwing your stick will result in a penalty.

Who serves a goalie penalty in hockey?

Minor and major penalties will be served by one of the players (for the offending team) that was on the ice at the time of the penalty.

What is a penalty shot in hockey?

When someone on team A commits a severe enough penalty, someone on Team B takes a one on one shot with the goalie

When a high stick penalty which draws blood results in a goal does the player still get a penalty?

Yes. A hockey goalie can get the same penalties as a skater gets.

What are hockey penalty?

Boarding Charging Checking from Behind Cross-Checking Delayed Penalty Elbowing Fighting High Sticking Holding Hooking Interference Penalty Shot Slashing Spearing Tripping

Who is the best hockey goalie ever?

the best goalie in hockey is Roberto luongo

What percentage of penalty shots in hockey are made?

there is a one in three chance. they'll score they'll miss or you will save it

If a hockey goalie makes a save during a delayed penalty does that count as possession?

If the goalie makes a kick save or toe save and the puck stays active, it is not considered possession and play continues. If the goalie makes a secure glove save or covers up the puck it is considered possession, resulting in a stoppage of play where the penalty is then assessed.

If a hockey team has a penalty and pulls the goalie to make it a 5 on 5 skater situation can they safely ice the puck?

yes because your still shorthanded

Who may enter the goalie box in hockey?

the goalie only

What is ice hockey power play?

A powerplay is often awarded when a penalty is given to the opposing team. When a player makes an illegal play, such as hooking or cross-checking, he is given a penalty. The offending player is then sent to the penalty box, usually two minutes for a minor penalty and five minutes for a major penalty. The team of the offending player is then shorthanded-they are only allowed to have four players (minus the goalie) on the ice. The time that the offending player spends in the penalty box is a powerplay for the other team.

How fast can a hockey goalie be?

A hockey goalie can be very fast. Not as fast as a player but still fast in a different way.