What is the contact rule of netball?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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The contact rule of Netball is that you are not allowed any contact. If contact occurs then a penalty pass is awarded to the opposite team.

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Q: What is the contact rule of netball?
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What is the contact rule in netball?

Well I'm not quite sure what you mean, but contacting in netball is when you push, hurt or well get in contact with them (as in touch them not talk to them!).

What is contact rule in netball?

it means you have like tapped or accidently bumped your opponent or another player

What is the strangest netball rule?

the answer is replay

Why is footwork not allowed in netball?

its a rule

What is the playing area of netball?

Netball is played on a Court. All positions played in netball have a strict rule as to where in the court you can play.

What is the offside rule of netball?

The offside rule in netball simply means you have gone out of your boundary and trodden over the line your position isn't allowed to.

What are the five infringement of netball?

contact obstruction

What are the 3 main rules of netball?

the three main rules in netball are; stepping, contact and obstruction

Duties of an umpire during a netball match?

To follow basic netball rules and blow the whistle when one rule is broken. The biggest rule is to be fair to both teams.

Why is netball a girl sport?

netball is considered a girls sport because of the no contact rule which makes it a girly woosy sportBut...I'm a boy of fourteen and I play netball because I was finding basketball too hard, and believe me, the girls I play against are not woosy! It may be no contact, but they're faster than me and they can jump and throw better. They tease me out of my wits during the game and I get so hot and bothered!

What is a more dangerous sport netball or football?

probably football because netball is a non contact sport

What are the terms used in netball?

obstruction stepping contact