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The Seahawks currently play in the NFC West. However, they used to be in the AFC West from 1977 to 2001.

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Q: What is the conference that the seahawks play in?
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Can the saints play the Seahawks in the super bowl if they are both NFC?

The Saints and Seahawks are both in the same conference (the NFC) so they cannot play each other in the Super Bowl.

Is it possible for the saints to play against the Seahawks in the super bowl?

The Saints and the Seahawks are both in the National Football Conference (NFC), so they cannot play each other in the Super Bowl.

What division are the 49ers in?

The 49ers are in the National Football Conference and within that conference they play in the Western Division, otherwise known as the NFC West. They share this division with the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, and Saint Louis Rams.

When did Seahawks convert from AFC to NFC?

They debuted in 1976 in the NFC, then were switched to the AFC in 1977; the split conference deal was arranged so the Seahawks, as an expansion team, would play every other team in the league in their first two seasons. The Seahawks spent 25 seasons in the AFC but were switched back to the NFC in 2002.

What kind of sport does the Seattle Seahawks play?

The Seattle Seahawks play American football. They play in the National Football League (NFL) in the United States. The Seattle Seahawks have been a football team since 1976.

Do the Seattle Seahawks play the Cincinnati Bengals?

no because Bengals are AFC seahawks are in the NFC

What date did the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Seattle Seahawks in the 2010 season?

The Steelers and Seahawks did not play each other during the 2010 season.

Where did falcons and Seahawks play in 2013?

They play at the Falcon's stadium in Atlanta

When is the next Seahawks game?

No. The Steelers and Seahawks will not play each other during the 2010 season.

Will Seattle Seahawks play Minneapolis Colts 2010-2011 season?

No. The Seattle Seahawks will NEVER play the Minneapolis Colts. Now, there is a chance that they could play the INDIANAPOLIS Colts. That remains to be seen.

Which NFL team did Rufus French play for?


Did Lance Garrett play for the Seatle Seahawks?