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Q: What is the compression pants Allen Iverson wears in practice?
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Where can one buy compression pants?

Compression pants can be ordered online from sporting stores. Due to their nature though it is often best to try compression clothing on for size at a local sporting store.

Do football players wear tights?

Football players wear compression pants, which are similar to tights. Compression pants help with circulation and are very useful to athletes who stand for long periods of time.

Do you need pads in your pants if you wear padded compression shorts?

yes the pads in compression shorts don't help enough

What happened to Kris Allen?

He is hiding in Adam Lambert's pants

Where can I find the best quality compression pants at the best price?

While compression pants are widely available, it may take some shopping around to locate some at an acceptable price point. Low cost compression pants are currently available online at Eastbay and Sierra Trading. One may also want to check eBay.

Why do your pants come off so fast?

practice. lotss and lots of practice.

Why do athletes wear compression pants?

Compression pants help increase the blood flow in the body which is great for the body. Increasing the blood flow in the body means oxygen will be transferred more quickly in the body which helps with endurance.

Where do football pads go in pants?

The pants have inserts that the pads slide into. Some football pants have a place for a groin cup also, but most require the use of a jock or compression shorts. Answer by:

Where can I find a pair of compression pants?

Under Armour sells compression leggings (in short and long form) that can be shipped to your home. The long leggings cost $50. Amazon also sells a large variety of compression pants, although mostly in short form. Prices range from low 20s up to 50 or so dollars.

What actors and actresses appeared in Seven Days - 2004?

The cast of Seven Days - 2004 includes: Ev Lunning as Dark Pants Donald Sneed as Dark Pants David Stahl as Brown Pants Dirk Van Allen as Black Pants

What are the black spandex pants Dwyane Wade wears during a game and where can you buy them?

These are Mcdavid Compression Pants. You can get them online for aboout 35 dollars or a sports store like dicks or MC Sports.

Are football practice jerseys supposed to be small?

Yes they should go above the pants.

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