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well to me europian soccer clubs have all the stars and brazillian soccer doesnt have that much great players for club but if its for national the there both amazing teams

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Q: What is the comparison between europeans soccer teams and brazilians soccer teams?
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Why do brazilians play soccer?

because brazilians are brazilians and brazilians play soccer

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What are the differences between European soccer and American soccer?

europeans play not as rough as Americans and Americans and europeans both have awesome skills. both rock.

Who is a famous teen idol in Brazil?

brazilians love soccer so it has to be a soccer player

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Where do soccer players practice?

Brazilians play in the beach. But, mainly in park.

What are some sports Brazilians like?

football (soccer)

Do Brazilians play soccer?

Yes, they Top 1 soccer team and they also playing in 2010 fifa world cup!!

What do Brazilians celebrate?

Brazilians celebrate various things. For example, they might celebrate the national soccer team winning the world cup (which they have done 5 times).

Where did soccer originate and when?

It's still a debate between the Europeans in the 1800's or the Ancient Chinese.

What do Brazilians do for fun?

Carnival, soccer, juggle balls,play tag, exercise,dance

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a famous person in Brazil is Pele. Pele was a famous soccer player. But he got retired. Brazilians made him king of soccer!

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Pele is the greatest Brazilian soccer player of all time. In 2005, Fifa even gave him an award saying that he was.

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From the Europeans when they came to America!

Is soccer boots and soccer cleats are the same?

Yes they are the same thing. Europeans call them boots and Americans call them cleats.

Why Brazilians care so much about soccer even this sport is not originated from their country?

Yes soccer is a favorite past time in Brazil, they play from all ages and start young, with small rough home made balls.

When did soccer start in Brazil?

About the time Brazilians realized they had both a ball and two feet ;<) ...and for Argentinians a helping hand :<)

What is the difference between rugby and soccer?

= What is the difference between rugby and soccer? =

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Generally speaking, soccer is an economical and readily available game to organize. All you need is a soccer ball. In comparison, American football requires equipment such as helmets, padding, etc...

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How do you use by comparison in a sentence?

Explanation: To use this phrase, you must be comparing 2 or more things or objects, such as: " Soccer is a world-wide sport played leisurely or competitively. 'By comparison', football can be played purely for the entertainment of the sport itself, or for competition between experienced teams in a shot to win a first-place trophy. In my personal opinion, the phrase 'by comparison' is rarely used throughout the formation of sentences. When comparing two or more things/objects, I would use 'in comparison' rather than 'by comparison'.