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Dallas Clark

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Q: What is the colts tight ends name?
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Are there any famous people with the name of Dallas?

Dallas Clark, tight end for the Indianapolis Colts

Is there an NFL team that ends in s?


What position does Dallas clark play for colts football?

Dallas Clark is listed on the colts roster officialy as a Tight End.

Who is the best tight end in Colts history?

John Mackey was a very impressive tight end for the colts but played in a different era. I don't know if I have a descrete answer right now, but I think when his career is over, Dallas Clark might own a majority of tight end records for the colts and will have to be at least in consideration if not in my opinion the best TE in colts history. He has already set colts single season records with touchdown receptions and yards.

What tight end has the most catches in the NFL for tight ends?

dallas clark

Who wears the number 80 for the Indianapolis Colts?

Coby Fleener, tight end from Stanford, who was drafted along with Andrew luck is #80 on the Colts.

What was the former name of the Indianapolis Colts?

Baltimore Colts

How did the Baltimore colts get there name?

There was a name the team competition, and the winner decided on "Colts."

Who are the redskin's tight ends?

The Washington Redskins tight ends are:Logan Paulsen, #82Fred Davis, #83Paul Niles, #84Jordan Reed, #86

How did indiapolis colts get their team name?

When the Indianapolis Colts where in Baltimore, a contest was held to name the team, and the winner of the contest chose "Colts."

What position does Dwayne Allen play?

Dwayne Allen plays Tight End for the Indianapolis Colts.

What position does Jack Doyle play?

Jack Doyle plays Tight End for the Indianapolis Colts.

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