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All players must wear white at Wimbledon.

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Q: What is the colour of dress who playing tennis in Wimbledon?
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What colour dress would players wear for Wimbledon tennis?

White, of course. Anything else and they won't let you on the court.

Does Kate Middleton play tennis?

yes she does play tennis at Wimbledon wearing a white layered dress

Is it true martina navratolova had to borrow a tennis dress on her debut at Wimbledon?

no, nobody named martina navratOlova ever played at Wimbledon.

What is the dress code for Wimbledon contestants 2009?

As long as its white with hardly any other colour its the dress code

What colour you wear if you play tennis in Wimbledon?

The answer is WHITE.But read the following please: Dress code...British Style!!!Wimbledon has one of the strictest dress codes anywhere.The Wimbledon dress code is more intense than your high school dress code that required you to wear plaid ties and knee socks.The most important aspect, of course, is the necessary white clothing.One has to make it sure to also point out that "white does not include off white or cream."The back of a shirt, dress, tracksuit top or sweater must also be totally white and there can be no solid mass or panel of color.

What is traditional at the Wimbledon championship?

The players are restricted to wear the dress according to the codes of Wimbledon.

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Well the colour dress is blue and black.

Which tennis singles events are considered the most prestigious?

The most prestigious are Wimbledon tennis championships in London. They take place every year at the end of June, and have been played since 1877. There is a strict dress code for players, and the matches are watched by celebrities and royalty.

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