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Blue, with thin white stripes horizontally around the stomach.

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Q: What is the colour of France football kit?
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What is liverpools colour football kit?


What is the colour of Italy's football kit?

Blue and White

What colour is Uruguays football kit?


What is the colour of the football team Portugal's football kit?

Portugal's home kit is red

What color is Slovenia football strip?

yellow is the colour of slovenias strip on there football kit

What colour does Valencia play in their home football kit?

There home kit is white with black shorts

What is the color of Italian football kit?

It is blue in colour, with a little white on it.

What colour is the Switzerland football kit?

Red shirts with white shorts.

What is the colour of barcelona's football kit?

i believe that it is orange and white but i'm just guessing

What is the colour of the potugese football kit?

It is Maroon jersey and green shorts. the colors of their flag.

Why is third football kits?

There are third football kits to use if both teams have the same colour kit or neither of the teams are playing at there home ground so they are not using their home kit (1st kit)

What colour is the Australian football kit?

home kit iis agreen white and yellow top and away is a blue yellow and navy top

Why do sport fans of The Netherlands wear orange?

because that's the colour of their national football team kit, and by that i mean real football.

What is the colour of new zealonsd football kit in the world cup?

White, hence their nickname, the all whites.

What is number on Nicolas anelka's football kit?

He wears 39 at Chelsea, doesn't look like he'll wear any number of a France kit anytime soon.

What colour kit do Bolton football club play in?

Bolton's home jerseys are white with blue shorts and blue on the left shoulder, and they away kit is black with tiny bits of yellow on it.

What was sunderland original football kit colour?

All blue. Perhaps chosen by James Allan, the Scottish founder of Sunderland AFC.

Why do Germans wear a white football kit when the colour is not in their flag?

The white, as well as the eagle on their crest, came from the Prussian flag, who were a part of Germany.

What colour is liverpool's tops?

Their home kit is red, their away kit is black, and their third kit is white.

What colour is the wigan kit?

Blue and white.

What colour is the England home kit?


What would happen if two football teams had the same colour kit?

A football club usually has two or three kits. The team that is playing at home will get to wear their home kit, and the away team wears their away kit, unless the two are similar, in which case the away team would wear their home kit or alternate kit. If both teams are playing away, one club will still have been designated as the home team and they get to wear their home kit.

What color is Aston Villa's kit?

Aston Villa's home kit has bordeaux (purple) as the main colour, and light blue as the secondary colour.

When was France Football created?

France Football was created in 1946.

What Colour Is The Paraguay Kit?

The clor is red and white.