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Q: What is the color of pants worn by football referees?
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What is a football girdle?

A football girdle is a short-like item worn by football players under their pants. The girdle can have hip padding in them and tailbone pads.

What color socks should be worn with cream colored pants and black shoes?

Black tights are best

What equipment is worn in football?

shoulder pads, a plastic helmet that sometimes has a metal face mask, about 7 different pads it the pants, football cleats, and sometimes gloves.

How did the New York Knicks get their nickname?

pants, the a type of pants worn

What is boxer pants?

Boxer pants are a type of undergarment that is worn by males.

What are esky helicopter pants?

Apperel worn when playing with or using RC Helecopters. Typicly brown in color has pockets and resembles cargo pants. It is the typical trendy RC apperel.

Why do football referees wear black pants?

In 2006, the NFL completely redesigned the shirts, going to a sleeker-looking uniform which, however, no longer identified a given official's position from the front. Also new for 2006 were black pants with a white stripe down the side to be worn in cold weather. These looser-fitting pants allow for layering of warmer clothes underneath. Beginning with the 2010 season, college officials and, in many states, high school officials, have the option of wearing the black cold-weather pants.

What do you call the pants worn for training?


What can be worn with Capri pants?


What did Nat Turner wear when he was enslaved?

he wore worn out pants, shoes, and a worn out shirt.

Who has worn jersey number 8 for University of Tennessee football?

has worn #8 at Tennessee football

What is something worn starting with the letter P?


What kind of pants need to be worn for welding?


In what kind of weather are capri pants usually worn?

Capri pants are pants which come to either mid-calf or below the knee. They are popular during the Spring and Summer months and are worn in warm weather.

What does referee usually wears what color shirt in Soccer?

Referees can wear Blue, Red, Green, Gold (yellow), or Black. The color choice depends on the kits being worn by the teams in a specific match because the referee must be easily distinguishable.

What clothing was worn in France?

Long dresses were worn for the women and loose pants and shirts for the men.

Can you wear brown shoes with navy pants?

no, brown shoes should be worn with brown pants, navy pants with black shoes.

How do you wear tights?

Tights are put on and worn in the same way pants are. The difference is that tights have feet on them, fit snug to your skin, and are typically thinner than pants. They can be worn under dresses, pants, skirts, and shorts.

Can casual pants be worn black for ladies?

Black casual pants are great for ladies in the office or on the go.

Why a person might throw a pair of pants?

old, worn

In what decade were leather pants worn by women?


What is the name of the sleeveless garment worn by colonial Americans?

Pants were sleeveless garments worn by colonial Americans.

What clothing is worn under a football uniform?

most people wear a T shirt under their shoulder pads so as not to get rug burn from them and a cup is worn under the pants. if its cold other things are worn such as cold gear or in extreme cold Tom Brady wears a wetsuit

What was the clothing worn in world war 1 in Britain?

Clothes worn in Britain were pants and shirts , but this don't help mate, all it tells people is that they..... wore pants and shirts.

Why do football players wear tight pants?

so they dont fall down(i took a guess at it) The tighter the clothing worn the less the opposing tackler has to grasp when making a tackle