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The closest has been a one point loss.

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Q: What is the closest a 16 seed has ever come to beating a 1 seed?
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When did the 8 seed make it to the final four?

In 1985 Villanova won a national championship as an 8 seed beating Georgetown the highest seed ever to win a national championship

Which of the following is the part of the stem closest to the seed ina young plant?

The Hypocotyl is the part of the stem closest to the seed in a young plant.

What is the closest game between a 1 seed and a 16 seed?

ETSU got beat as a 16 seed by Oklahoma in 1989

What group is the closest to seed-bearing plants?


Where is the miracle seed on Pokemon Gold?

You can find it on Route 32 after beating Falkner.

Has a 15 seed ever won march madness?

Apparently the lowest seed to ever win the March Madness tournament was an 8 seed. Villanova did it back in 1985.

Were do seed come from?

anything that has seed in it

What is the benefit of an overall number one seed?

The overall number one seed gets to play closest to home.

Why does the word seed come from in the NFL?

"Seed" does not come fro mthe nFL.

What is the part of the stem closest to the seed in a young plant?

the root

Did an 8 seed ever sweep a one seed in hockey?


Has a number16 seed ever beaten a number 1 seed?


Has a sixteenth seed ever beaten a number one seed?


What is the lowest seed to ever beat a 1 seed?


The mass of a 100 N sack of seed is closest to?

10 kg

What is a seed leave?

first leaves that come out of the seed

Has a 1 seed ever lost to and eight seed in the NCAA?

A #1 seed has beaten a #8 seed 37 out of 46 times (80.43%)

Did a 15 seed ever beat a 2 seed?

This has occured 4 times

Are sunflowers really a seed?

Sunflowers come from a seed yes.

Did a number 1 seed ever lose to a number 16 seed in NCAA basketball?

A number one seed has never lost to a 16 seed.

Where does a mustard seed come from?

where does mustard come from?

What comes first in a seed roots or leaves?

You always plant the seed first, then the roots come, then the leaves come.

Did a Number 14 seed ever beaten a number 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament?

Yes east tennesse st was a fourteen seed and beat a three seed iowa

Did a 2 seed ever bet a 15 seed?

Yes it has happened. Its only happened a few times and your an idiot if you ever try to predict it. Holla

Highest seed to ever make the final 4?

Highest seed would be a #1 seed, of course, done many times.