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it means that an attacker has gotten past the defense and it is just the forward vs. the goal keeper.

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Q: What is the breakaway term mean in soccer?
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What does breakaway mean in the term of hockey?

A breakaway is when a skater (player) is all alone against the opposing teams goalie. Therefore they "breakaway" from everyone else and get a clear-cut chance to score.

What does the soccer term finishing mean?

The soccer term "finishing" means to finish the ball or to score.

What does pitch mean in soccer?

The term pitch, when associated with soccer, means the soccer field. Pitch is another term for the field where the game is played.

What is a break in soccer?

A break is also known as a breakaway, which means you are running down the field with a good amount of speed.

What does the soccer term chicken mean?

Easy shot that somehow eluded the goalkeeper.

Why do soccer players hate the term soccer?

Soccer/football players hate the term soccer as the correct and origanal name of the sport is football.However in America is called soccer as they have American football this is why the term soccer is disliked by the players

What is mvp mean in soccer?

"Most Valuable Player" is an American term, used in the MLS.

What does the term striker mean in soccer?

Team usually have two strikers they mainly score the goals.

When was the term 'soccer' first used?

The term soccer was first introduce in 1880's

What is a breakaway in soccer?

When the offender out plays the defense of an apposing team and all that's between them is the offender and the keeper. The offender has possession. Oh and um.... HI

What is encroachment in soccer?

"Encroachment" is a gridiron football term, not soccer.

How is football different from soccer?

In the English term, "football" means soccer. But The American term football is played with the hands And helmets on!