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So B. It is about a mom who is mentally disabled, she is has down syndrone who is trying to take care of her daughter Heidi.

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Q: What is the book So B It really about?
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How good is the book So B It?

So B. It is a really well written story, and Sarah Weeks developes each character. The book also has good lessons to teach.

Who was The protagonist and antagonist in the book so b it?

So B It

Characters of the book So B It?

The characters in the book "So B. It" are Heidi, Bernadette (Bernie), and Heidi's mom.

Is there really a book of Eli?

Just b-ELI-eve there is

Does So B it have a second book?


Is the book So B It fiction or non fiction?

The book So B. It by Sarah Weeks is a work of realistic fiction.

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What is the protagonist of the book So B It?


What is the climax of the book So B It?


Who are heidi's parents in so b it?

heidies parents in the book so b it are Elliot and Sophia (mama)

What is answers to middle school math with pizzazz book b b-41?

so they can get curls

How many pages are in the book So B It?

there are 272 pages in ths book

When was the book So B It published?

It was published in 2004.

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What is Ida b?

it is a book by Katherine Hannigan and it is about this girl and she talks to trees and rivers and you should really read it great book

What does soof mean in so be it?

In the book, So B. It, what does the word "soof" mean

What does so b it mean in the book so b it?

Her mother (Sophia) Could not pronounce her name so she called her self So B it (Kind of like Sobie same sound a bit so yea)

What is the plot of Junie B Jones?

It is a series book, so there are different plots in each book.

How is the weather in the book So B It?

Through out the beggining of the book So B. It Heidi does not mention the weather, but when she starts of on her journey that changes. Her whole journey it rains, and for a while she looses contact with Bernadette.

How old is Heidi in the book So Be It?

Heidi is twelve years old in So B. It

What is the theme for firestarter book?

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What is the Theme of Junie B Jones Mushy Gushy Valentine?

You should read the book, and figure it out for yourself, It's a really good book!:)

Where was the book so b it published?

i dont know maybe in new yourk! but im not sure im just someone really bored in the middle of language arts class!

What is answer to math pizzazz book b b-65?

Book B B-65 decode the title

Who is one of the main characters in so b it the book?

sofie sofie