What is the black stuff under football players eyes?

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Its called eye black and its used to reduce the glare from the sun. Usually a form of grease/carbon is used but more recently players have been wearing black strips

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Q: What is the black stuff under football players eyes?
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Why do football players wear black stuff under eyes?

To absorb light (it is supposed to cut down on the glare).

What do football players put under their eyes that is black?

What football players put under their eyes that is black is simply called "eye black." It is used to reduce glare from the sun, and it can consist of beeswax, paraffin, and carbon.

Where can you buy the stuff that football players put under their eyes?

Its just plan black shoe polish you can buy it at walmart or any place that sells shoes you probably can even get it at a dollar store. Hibbett sports sells tubes of it called Eye Black for $6.00.

What is the thing football players put under ther eye?

A black substance (not sure what) to lessen the brightening effect of the suns' rays.

Can a player get a red card in under 10's football?

yes under 10s players can get a red card in a football match

What do football players with dreads wear on their hair under their helmets?


Something a football player wears under his uniform?

American football players wear many things under their uniform. These include shoulder pads and thigh pads. If you are talking international football (soccer) then the main piece of equipment players wear under their uniforms are shin guards.

What is warmer?

a boddy warem is whatt football players where under their footy shirts

What do football players wear under a girdle?

They wear a cup and protective pads

How many black lines do football players wear underneath their eyes?

One under each eye. Anything else is a personal choice with personal meaning to the player.

How many players in a premiership football squad?

25 players- and I think british players under twenty one do not have to registered but are still eligible to play

What is the purpose of the black stripes under a football players eyes?

It suppose to reduce the sun's glare. But I've seen some players wear it at night games. Also some college players use paint of their school colors, which makes absolutely no practical sense.

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