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Manchester United beat Ipswich 9-0.

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Q: What is the biggest win in English premier league?
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Biggest win in English premier league?

The biggest premier league win was 4th March 1995 Manchester United beat Ipswich town 9-0 with goals from Andy Cole 5 Mark Hughes 2 Roy Keane and Paul Ince

Who will win the english premier league this year?

Manchester united

When did Chelsea win the English premier league?

Chelsea won the English Premier League in 2005, 2006 and 2010. They won the old first division in 1955, the equivalent of the Premier League now.

What is the biggest win of manchester united over Liverpool in the premier league?


Will tottenham win the league?

yes tottenham hotspur will win the league it is predicted on current form that they will win the English premier league in 2011/12 season.

What is everton's biggest win?

Everton 7-1 Sunderland in the premier league 2008-2009

How many times has Newcastle United won the Premier League?

As of the 2013-14 season, Newcastle United are yet to win the English Premier League.

What is the worth of the English premier league cup?

The exact value or worth of the English premier league cup is not known. This cup is known to have sentimental value to those who are lucky enough to win it.

Who is the only Italian player to win an English Premier League medal?

Mario Balotelli

How many times has Cameroon won the premier league?

You are mistaken as Cameroon can not win the premiere league, as they are a country and not a English club.

Who will win the Premier League?

Arsenal will win definitely

How many times did Barcelona win the premier league?

0, they do not compete in the Premier League.

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