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Yes, Manchester United in the 07-08 season, they won the Champions league and English (Barclays) Premier League. Yes, Manchester United in the 07-08 season, they won the Champions league and English (Barclays) Premier League.

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Q: Did any team win the champions league and another cup?
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Has any London team ever won the champions league?


Does the champions league when taken by any club belongs to the team forever?

No. When a team wins the Champions League, they are given the replica of the trophy. The original is kept by UEFA and kept on display.

Has any team won the champions league at home ground?

Real Madrid

Has any team won Champions league 2 years running?

Nottingham Forest won the European Cup, the equivalent of the Champions League, 2 years running - in 1980 and 1981

Has any team won the carling cup fa cup premier league and champions league in the same season?

It has to be Manchester United.

Has any team won the uefa champions league two times consecutively?

Inter Milan did it in 1963 1964.

When was the last time there was not a british team in the champions league?

That was very recently!. Infact the last time there werent any English teams in the Champions League final was in 2014 when it was contested by Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

Is a player cup tied if he has played in champions league qualifiers?

Yes he is cup tied if he has made an appearance in the League qualifiers. Any appearance in the Champions league tournament makes a player cup-tied to one team till the end of the tournament.

Did any team knocked out of the Champions league ever go on to win the uefa cup in the same season?

shaktar donetsk

How many away games have rangers won in champions league?

There is no such team any more rangers r.i.p. Hail hail.

Has any team knocked out from champions league won the uefa cup?

atletico Madrid 2010 i think. cska moscow 2005.

Describe the stages of human development from fertilization to gastrulation?

chelsea is better than any team in the world we r gonna win the premier league and the UEFA Champions league

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