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biggest soccer stadium in usa

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Q: What is the biggest sports stadium in the US?
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What is the biggest stadium in the US?


Biggest sports stadium in the world?

The largest stadium in the world is the Rungrado May Day Stadium which is located in North Korea. The second largest is the Salt Lake Stadium located in India.

What is the biggest sports stadium?

The Biggest Stadium for Football/Soccer is the Rungrado May Day Stadium in North Korea, Holding 150,000. The Largest I have heard of is in Motor Racing that holds 250,000 and that is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Stadium. It is expandable up to 400,000 when the infield seating is put in.

What is the biggest soccer stadium in the US?

i think is the giant stadium, because that were the final of the gold cup is going to be. The biggest soccer-specific stadium in the US is the Home Depot Center, home of the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA. The stadium has a capacity of over 27,000. Technically though, The Home Depot Center isn't the biggest soccer-hosting stadium. Gillette Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium, is also home the New England Revolution team. Their capacity is 68,000, making them the biggest soccer stadium.

What is Biggest NCAA football stadium in the US?

University of Michigan (in Ann Arbor)

What is the home stadium of the football team Torpedo Moscow?

The home stadium of the football team Torpedo Moscow is Luzhniki Stadium, this stadium also hosts a variety of other sporting events. Luzhniki stadium is based in Moscow, Russia and is the biggest sports stadium in Russia.

What is the biggest NFL Stadium?

cowboys stadium

When was All Sports Stadium created?

All Sports Stadium was created in 1961.

When did All Sports Stadium end?

All Sports Stadium ended in 2005.

When was Orlando Sports Stadium created?

Orlando Sports Stadium was created in 1967.

What is the biggest major league baseball stadium?

Dodger Stadium has over 56,000 seating capacity...The biggest Stadium in the MLB

What is the biggest NFL dome stadium?

Cowboys Stadium

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