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National stadium

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Q: What is the biggest cricket stadium of Pakistan?
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Which cricket stadium is the pakistan's biggest cricket stadium?

Peshawar Cricket Ground

Where in the state of Pakistan is the Pakistan cricket team staduim?

In Pakistan at these states stadium are located:KarachiMultanSheikhupuraLahoreRawalpindiFaisalabadPeshwar

What is the biggest cricket field in australia?

the biggest cricket field and stadium in Australia is the M.C.G

Which is a biggest cricket stadium in world?


Biggest cricket stadium in the world?

Kensington Oval had the largest playing area at any test venue. That record is now held by the Gaddafi Stadium in Pakistan which is the largest in terms of Capacity.

Which is the biggest cricket stadium in India?

Eden Gardens

At which stadium most cricket matches played in Pakistan?

Gadaffi Stadium at Lahore has hosted most One day internationals than any other ground in Pakistan.

Which is largest cricket stadium in Asia?

Mahinda rajapakse stadium,hambantota,sri is the world biggest ground

List some famous stadiums of Pakistan?

Zafar Ali Stadium, SahiwalSports Stadium, SargodhaSouthend Club Cricket Stadium, KarachiSheikhupura StadiumRawalpindi Cricket StadiumPindi Club Ground, RawalpindiPeshawar Club GroundNiaz Stadium, HyderabadNational Stadium, KarachiMultan Cricket StadiumJinnah Stadium, SialkotJinnah Stadium, GujranwalaIqbal Stadium, FaisalabadIbn-e-Qasim Bagh Stadium, MultanGaddafi Stadium, LahoreBugti Stadium, QuettaBahawal Stadium, BahawalpurBagh-e-Jinnah, LahoreAyub National Stadium, QuettaArbab Niaz Stadium, Peshawar

What is name of cricket stadium of Ahamedabad?

Sardar Patel Stadium is the name of the cricket stadium of Ahamedabad.

When was Abbottabad Cricket Stadium created?

Abbottabad Cricket Stadium was created in 2003.

What is relation between pepsi and Pakistan cricket board?

They may sponsor the Pakistan cricket team. PEPSI is supponring Pakistan cricket team.

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