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The biggest size of a Baseball glove is 32.5 inches for a catcher, then 12.75 for outfield, then 12 or 12.5 for first base.

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Q: What is the biggest size of a baseball glove?
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What is the biggest size lacrosse glove you can buy?

13" Glove - Large

What size baseball glove does paul konerko wear?


What size baseball glove should a 6 year old use?

a small size

What size baseball glove should you get an 12 year old boy?

Depends on his size and position.

What size baseball glove does Troy tulowitzki wear?

Troy Tulowitzki wears a 11.75 (11.3/4) inch glove.

What size baseball glove does Dustin pedroia wear?

he wears an 11.5" wilson

what size of baseball glove should and eleven year old have?

One that fits his/her hand.

What size baseball glove is right for a high school shortstop?

The right size of glove for high school midlle infeilder is 11 1/4-11 1/2 inches.

How do you know what size softball glove to get?

Depends on your size of hand. My batting glove is a Medium && i have a 13"-14" glove

What is a baseball glove?

A baseball glove protect your body and assist players in catching and fielding balls hit by batters.

What size glove is good or an outfielder?

An outfielder should use a glove sized 12.5 - 13 inches. 13 inches is the largest allowed in baseball.

What size glove does Robinson can use?

Robinson Cano uses a size 11.50 glove.

What size baseball glove should you buy your 7 year old?

It depends on the size of your child. Most 7 yr olds are going to wear an 11"-11 1/2" glove. Make sure that you get a glove that is easy for them to squeeze when it is on their hand.

What size baseball glove should you get a10 year old boy?

10 inch but it depends on hand size. Maybe smaller

How do I know my glove size?

Finding the right glove size is pretty easy. There is kid size gloves and adult size gloves.

What is that glove called when he has his baseball glove on?


What brand of lacrosse glove run the biggest?

Brine gloves run the biggest.

What size baseball glove should you buy your 9 year old?

Youth baseball gloves come in different inch sizes. An 8-year-old, for example, can probably use either a 10-inch glove or an 11-inch glove, depending on their size and preference. Due to such variation, it's important to try them on in the store.

What is a baseball mitt?

A baseball mitt is another name for a baseball glove - a protective glove used when playing baseball.

What is a pro flare ball glove?

a baseball glove

Rawlings pro 8 glove what size is the glove?

Rawlings Pro 8 is a 12" glove!

What size glove should miner baseball wear?

11 inch on your hand size 11 1/2 for the most depends on hands size for The most time

What size glove does Robinson Cano use?

Robinson Cano has been seen using a 10.3/4 size glove and an 11 inch glove.

What is the biggest shoe size in Major League Baseball?

CC Sabathia-15

Can nokona bloodline be a outfielder's glove?

That depends on the glove size you choose.