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Q: What is the biggest half-time lead blown in the nfl?
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What is the largest halftime lead in an NFL game?

The new England Patriots playing The Titans 52-0 was the largest halftime lead in an NFL game.

What is the biggest halftime deficit in an NFL game?

The Patriots' 45-point lead at intermission against the Titans (45-0) on Oct. 18, 2009 was the largest halftime lead in NFL history, surpassing the previous mark of 42 when the Packers led the Buccaneers, 49-7, on Oct. 2, 1983.

What is the biggest lead blown in a NFL game?

Oilers blew 32 point lead to Bills in the playoffs. Before tonight, the biggest blown lead in the regular season was the 28 pt comeback by the 49ers against the Saints. 49ers won. Bills won that playoff game.

How long is halftime in NFL?

Halftime is aproximatly 15 minutes.

How long is NFL halftime?

Halftime is aproximatly 15 minutes.

How long is halftime NFL?

Halftime is aproximatly 15 minutes.

What is the biggest deficit overcome for an NFL team?

When the Houston Oilers came back to beat the Buffalo Bills. It was 35-3 at halftime.

How much does the NFL pay for singing at halftime?

Nothing. The halftime acts do not get paid but the value from their exposure is in the millions.

How many minutes is halftime in an NFL game?

Halftime is not always the same length, but is usually about 15-20 min.

How much money does the NFL pay the halftime talent at the Super Bowl?

They have not paid a halftime act since 1976.

How long is NFL playoff halftime?

Halftime during a NFL playoff game lasts for 30 minutes. Each period or quarter in a game lasts for 15 minutes.

What are the 4 most common NFL scores at halftime?


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