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Old Trafford by far, Trafford has a capacity of just over 76,000 and Anfield has a capacity of just over 45,000.

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Q: What is the biggest ground old trafford or anfield?
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What ground is the biggest in the barcalys premier league?

Old Trafford

How many miles between anfield and old trafford?

33 miles

What is the biggest football stadium in England?

Wembley stadium will be the largest football ground when it is complete seating around 90000 people although this is only a venue for England matches and cup finals. Old Trafford the home of Manchester United is the largest premier league ground holding around 70000 fans.

What is Old Trafford Football Ground's postcode?

what is the postcode of mufc - old trafford

Which team has their home ground named Old Trafford?

The team that has their home ground named Old Trafford is Manchester United.

What is the biggest win of Man Utd against Liverpool?

Liverpool's biggest win over United was in Anfield on 12 October 1895. Liverpool won 7-1. United's biggest win over Liverpool was in Old Trafford on 15 September 1928. United won 6-1.

What places will never be polluted by humans?

Old Trafford in Manchester and Anfield will never be poluted but the poluted ones are Stamford Bridge and Emirates in London.

What stadiums are there in FIFA 12?

Any team that is in the game, their stadium is in the game. So, this includes Anfield, Emirates Stadium, Old Trafford, etc.

What is old trafford football ground made of?


What is the name of Manchester United's stadium?

Old trafford, it shares it's name with the cricket ground in Manchester, which is close by to the football stadium, old trafford

Is the football stadium old trafford and cricket ground in the same place?

No.... both the sports are played in Old Trafford but different stadiums

Which is the Largest English football ground?

Old Trafford (Manchester United)