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Q: What is the biggest clubs soccer stadium in the UK?
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How many soccer clubs in the UK?

about 9

Which soccer stadium in the UK has the largest seating capacity?

The soccer stadium in the UK with the largest seating capacity is Wembley Stadium in London. The stadium hosts the English National Team and has 90,000 seats with no obstructed views.

Which football stadium is the biggest in the UK?

balmoor stadium home to peterhead fc

What is the biggest football stadium in the UK?

The answer is England's stadium Wembley, which holds around 90,000 . The biggest club stadium is Manchester United's stadium, Old Trafford, which holds around 75,000

What the biggest stadium in Ireland and Britain?

the biggest stadium in UK and Ireland is wembley, with a population of 90,000. second is croke park, with a population of 82,500.

What are the UK 3 biggest sports?

Soccer, Rugby, and Tennis

How many soccer clubes are in the UK?

im not sure but there is 20 clubs in the English premiership

Biggest stadiums in UK?

Wembley Stadium 90,000 London, England is first

What three sport have the biggest following in UK?

football (soccer) has the biggest folowing followed probably by rugby and cricket

What is the biggest soccer stadium in the UK?

Wembley stadium will be the largest football ground when it is complete seating around 90000 people although this is only a venue for England matches and cup finals. Old Trafford the home of Manchester United is the largest premier league ground holding around 70000 fans.

Which is the largest stadium in UK?

Wembley stadium

Where is soccer originated from?

organized soccer is from UK

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