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Wembley old trafford and celtic park

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Q: What is the biggest 3 football stadiums in Britain?
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How often have Great Britain won medals in the Olympics in football?

Great Britain has won 3 medals in football at the Olympics, all gold. They won gold in 1900, 1908, and 1912.

What are the top 5 college football stadiums in terms of elevation?

1) War Memorial Stadium- Wyoming 2) Walkup Skydome- Northern Arizona 3) Falcon Stadium- U.S. Air Force Those are the top far as college football.

List of biggest football clubs in the world?

Real Madrid, Manchester United, and LA Galaxy are probably the top 3

What football stadium has the largest seating capacity?

The three biggest football stadiums are 1.) Michigan Stadium- 108,000 + Ann Arbor, MI aka The Big House 2.) Beaver Stadium- 107,000+ Happy Valley, PN aka The White Out 3.) Neyland Stadium- 105,000+ Knoxville, TN 4.) Ohio Stadium- 101,000+ Columbus, OH aka The Horseshoe 5.) D K Royal Memorial Stadium 94,000+ Austin, TX

What are Top 3 hot dog eating stadiums in the US?

Nathans,and that's it.

Where has the biggest crime rates in England?

In England it's London, but in Britain its Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast with as much as 3 times knife rates.

What are the top 10 biggest NBA stadiums?

#10 new Jersey nets #9 Washington wizards #8 Charlotte bobcats #7 Minnesota timber-wolves #6 Cleveland cavaliers #5 Portland trail blazers #4 Dallas mavericks #3 Chicago bulls #2 Philadelphia 76ers #1 Detroit pistons that's the top 10 stadiums.

Which European city has 3 stadiums with capacity of 50000 plus?


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YEOVIL TOWN have 3 feet and a nose, but dont forget illchester they have a very nice toilet hes called jim the tim and he doesnt like frankie wadman because he has a tooth

Which Football team does Amanda Holden support?

Arsenal, apparantly, shes is backed the Emirates, arsenal's stadium, to be one of the stadiums for th 2018 world cup if England get it, which would make all 3 judges off Britains Got Talent, Arsenal fans

How big is a Size 3 football?

A Size 3 football is on the smaller side. This is the size of a standard football for team handball.

What are the 3 biggest cities in Finland?

Helsinki, Espoo, and Tampere are the 3 biggest cities in Finland.

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Which European City has 3 stadiums all of which have over 50000 capactiy?

Just a guess but it might be Glasgow. In football there is Parkhead (Celtic), Hampden (Queen's Park) and Ibrox (Rangers). So far as I am aware each of the 3 holds more than 50,000 fans and all are seated. By- the-bye the plural of stadium is stadia.

What English football team has only 3 letters in there name?

in England (if it counts) out of the 92 (prem, championshp, league 1, league 2) its QPR. but in Britain it is ayr.

What are the 3 biggest cities in Alabama?

The order for the 3 biggest cities in Alabama is Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile.

Which are the biggest stadiums in the world?

Top 10: football stadiums {| ! ank ! Stadium ! Capacity ! City ! Country ! Home Team(s) | 1 Rungrado May Day Stadium 150,000[1] Pyongyang North Korea North Korea national football team 2 Salt Lake Stadium 120,000[2] Kolkata India East Bengal Club, Mohammedan SC, Mohun Bagan AC, India national football team 3 Azteca 105,000[3] Mexico City Mexico América, Mexico national football team 4 Melbourne Cricket Ground 100,000[4] Melbourne Australia Australia national football team =5 Azadi Stadium 100,000[5] Tehran Iran Iran national football team, Esteghlal FC, Persepolis =5 Bukit Jalil National Stadium 100,000[6] Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Malaysia national football team 7 Camp Nou 98,772[7] Barcelona Spain FC Barcelona 8 Maracanã 96,000[8] Rio de Janeiro Brazil CR Flamengo, Fluminense FC 9 Beijing National Stadium 91,000[9] Beijing China 2008 Olympic men's football tournament final 10 Wembley Stadium 90,000[10] London England England national football team |}

3 p for a fg in f?

3 Points in a field goal for football (that is American football)

Is there a Division 3 college football signing day?

There is no signing day in division 3 football.

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