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Q: What is the better team 1a or 4a?
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How do you work out 4a plus 2b-1a plus 9b?

4a+2b-1a+9b combine all alike variables using commutative property of addition 4a-1a+2b+9b Then add the like variables 3a+11b

Out of these four which element group is least likely to form ions 1a or 4a or 3a or 7a?

from yahoo answers ( the guy that has a PhD in Chemistry ) 4a

Group consists of at least one metal one nonmetal?

1a 4a

What is 5A football and how does it differ from a 4A?

The "A" designation in high school is determined by the school population. My high school had 450 students, and we were AA (2A). The more "A's" the larger and usually better a sports team. NCAA is opposite. The best teams a A (1A). There are no 4 and 5 "A" teams.

How do you justify the position of hydrogen at top of various groups?

Hydrogen is a unique element of the Periodic Table. Due to its similarities in properties it can be placed at the top of group 1A or 4A or 7A.

What is 6 - 3a2 plus 7 plus 4a - 5a plus 18?

6-3a**2+7+4a-5a+18 3a**2-1a+31

Which ncaa division 1a football team is the youngest?

Your mother

What elements tend to gain electrons in chemical reactions?

Elements in the 1A, 2A, and 3A groups and elements In the 4A group can either gain or loss electrons.

Can 9V 1A adapter be used for 12V 1A speakers?

No. If it works at all, it will be underpowered, and possibly damage the speakers. To power 12V speakers, you have to have an adapter with EXACTLY 12V (no more, no less), and at least 1A. You could hook up a 12V 4A adapter if you wanted to, your speakers would just only draw 1A of power. Make sure you use a 12V adapter though!!

Which division 1A football team has the smallest enrollment?

Rice University

What is 4a+4a?


How many boys 4a basketball team?

Five on a boy's team, and none on a girl's team. To calculate, subtract the number of girls on the team from five. That equals the number of boys on a team.

What is 4a times 4a?

(4a)2 or 16a2

The volume of a cube whose side is 4a is?

4a*4a*4a = 64a3 cubic units

Is a 6c grade better than a 4a grade in secondary school?

yes it is

Which NCAA division 1A football team has the lowest average SAT score?


How many valance electrons does carbon have?

On the periodic table there are groups, 1A-8A. The nuber tells you how many valance electrons the elements have. Carbon is in group 4A, so it has 4 valance electrons.

Can you simplify number with different variables?

NoAnother Answer:-Yes sometimes it is possible as for example: 4a/8b can be simplified to 1a/2b

What is 65-4a?

65-4a = 61

What is 4a-2c?

4a-2c = 2

What is 4a times a?

5a or 4a squared


−4a + 139 = 4a + 123 → −8a = −16 → a = 24a + 123 → 4(2) + 123 = 8 + 123 = 131°

Does Alaska have a division 1A football team?

No, Alaska does not have a Division 1A football school nor does it have a Division 1AA, now known as Division 1 Football Championship Subdivision, football school.

What the additive inverse of 4a?


What is 4a 2b a?


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