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Q: What is the better exercise biking or swimming?
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What Exercise Category Includes Swimming and Running?

Triathlon if you count biking :)

What is the best exercise for a woman?

Jogging Stretching Walking Swimming Biking ***

Which do you burn the most calories walking biking or swimming?

Swimming would burm the most calories if you do lap to lap without stopping. Biking is also a very good exercise, but I suggest swimming.

Which is a better form of exercise biking or rip stick?

Between exercise biking and rip sticking, exercise biking is better because with it, you lose more calories, and it is relatively safer than a rip stick which poses more danger.

What exercise increases heart rate most?

running, biking swimming speed walking

What does aerobic exercise mean?

exercising with oxygen in ur lungs example (biking,swimming)

What is 'fit' mean?

When you are doing good exercise and you are being healthy. For example Swimming, biking & running

What is the best exercise method?

Jogging Walking Biking Swimming Stretching *** Squats Push ups

What exercise do I do for my front back inner and outer legs?

Exercise of any kind benefits leg strength. If you have issues with your knees, biking or swimming is better than walking or running. You can also use yoga or pilates exercises.

What is the best exercise to keep healthy?

Jogging not running Walking (calming) Swimming 100% Biking Stretches *** Squats

Is biking hard on your body?

Biking is a great exercise for cardiovascular. Biking is hard on the body in a good way in that it works the lower body but whilst it is good for cardio it can be bad for your joints so if you are looking for a cardio exercise which is not hard on your body you should try something like swimming

How do you loss 6kg in one week?

Eat right: Rice Salads Exercise: Walking Jogging Squats Biking Swimming

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