What is the best workout DVD?

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P90x !!!

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Q: What is the best workout DVD?
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What is the best workout DVD for women?

Zumba, it's the best workout ever..

Where can I find the best workout videos?

Inquire your local DVD store to find out where you can get the best workout videos. The results may vary and opinions will vary also. Check your DVD superstores

What are the best workout DVD's?

This website gives you 10 of the best workout DVDs. Each and every one provides you with what part of the body the DVD is best for. For example, the "10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results Pilates" is best for Core Strength. The link is here:

Where can I find a core workout DVD?

Core workout DVDs can be purchases on line at many places. Some of the best choices can be found here at this web site:

Where can I buy a kickboxing workout DVD?

You can buy a kickboxing workout video at the following sites online. I looked up some for you to look at , and

What is the best celebrity workout DVD?

The best celebrity workout video is p90x because it is done with Tony Horton, who is a great host. His voice and the music played along with it are great.

What is the best DVD for total body workout plans?

The most highly recommended DVD for a total body workout is Jillian Michael's Thirty Day Shred. From there, one can branch out into specific body part workouts.

What is the best workout DVD for weight loss?

The best workout DVDs for weight loss is hard to say. Any DVD that offers good cardio training will help with weight loss. They key may be if the training is fun then you will use and it would be good.

Is P90X a good workout program, and where can I buy the DVD?

Yes, this workout program is very good and does show results in short time period. I personally have a friend who used to be over weight and now is in the best shape of his life thanks to the p90x workout. You can purchase the DVD's at the p90x website.

What is a great DVD for a kickboxing workout?

Kickboxing is a great cardiovascular workout! There are many DVDs that you can buy to workout with. Some of the best ones are: Kathy Smith Kickboxing, Shape Up With Sharon Kickboxing, and Fat Burning Kickboxing Workout for Dummies.

How can you order a Jane Fonda Prime-Time workout on DVD?

where can you purchase Jane Fonda's Prime time workout 1986 on DVD. I've seen it on VHS but prefere DVD.

Where can cardio dvds be bought?

You can buy cardio workout DVD's at any retail store that has a fitness/health section. There are a variety of workout DVD's that can be beneficial to you.

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