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you have to think first. which do i go and kick the ball away you like.

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Q: What is the best way to control the soccer ball?
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What is the best way to stop a soccer ball?

Pop it

What is the best way to kick a soccer ball?

It should be with your front feet and not the top as the ball will go sailing over the net.

Different kinds of juggling in soccer?

I think the best way to separate soccer juggling is dividing it into two different sections: Freestyle juggling, and control-training juggling. Freestyle juggling is where you take juggling to a whole new level. You would incorporate acrobatic aspects into ball control to create dazzling moves. However, most Freestyle tricks are absolutely useless in a formal soccer game. Control-training juggling is designed to sharpen a formal soccer players ball control skills. The general philosophy is that if you can control the ball in the air, you can control it on the ground, where it would usually be in a game. In this section of juggling, players focus on just simply keeping the ball up in the air in a calm and controlled manner. That would be the best way to divide juggling, in my opinion. Hope this helps!

What is the best way to get permanent marker of your soccer ball?

Rinse in Hydrochloric Acid, then, the key thing to do is....

What is the best way to effectively dribble a soccer ball?

The best way to dribble it is to keeping tapping it with your toe or kick it hard enough so you can run and dribble. If it works you might be into soccer and maybe good at it. ;)

What factors work together to enable a great soccer player to kick a ball a long distance?

Muscular strength and control works together with technique to kick a soccer ball in such a way that it travels a long distance.

Can a soccer goalie push a player out of the way to get to a ball?


How do you control the ball in basketball?

the best way to control the ball is by dribbling low and dribbling with your fingertips, never the palms of your hand. It takes a lot of practice to become a great ball handler.

What is the best way to be a soccer player?

To play soccer

How do you become a soccer player?

To become a soccer player professionally, you have to be very good at it. And the way to be good at it is practice. Improve your accuracy, range, height of when kicking the ball, ball control is very important and knowing your position is also very important. Most professional soccer players without even thinking anticipate where the ball is going to go. Soccer is all about thinking.

What is the best way to shield an opponent in soccer?

You have to look at the ball and the opponent's feet. First, you need to have experience. Then, read the feet.

What is the fastest way to train for soccer?

To be honest, there is no "fast way" to train for Soccer. To be good at anything it takes years of training. That being said, some effective training methods that can be utilized are: Wall ball for passing/shooting/first touch. Juggling for better ball control, running stairs for fitness, shooting at targets for accuracy, and dribbling/step overs and use all sides of your foot to perfect ball control.

Is kicking a football like kicking a soccer ball?

A soccer ball is round, but it is very similar. You can kick a football the same way you kick a soccer ball, but you might end up having the football go lopsided.

Why does soccer ball falls slowly than golf ball?

the golf ball is way more airodynamic than a soccerball

How does Newton's second law apply to soccer?

Newton's second, F=ma, applies to soccer mostly in the way the ball is propelled. When you kick a soccer ball, you are applying a net force, F, to the ball which has a mass, m. This net force causes the ball to accelerate.

Does stitching effect the distance of a soccer ball?

No this is simply to hold the ball together, it does not affect the distance the ball travels in any way.

What ball do you use to catch HO-OH if you dont have a master ball?

Using a Great Ball is the best way. Actually a Ultra ball is the best way.

Where was soccer first formed?

It was formed in ENGLAND. The first people that created and played soccer were fishermen. ---- When fishermen were bored , they played Football ( soccer ). They used fish net and a ball. Ball was different way different, i don't know what it was that they used for a ball.

If you have a soccer goal made with rocks how do you know if the ball was too high to be goal?

If you have a soccer goal made with rocks, you can know if the ball was too high to be a goal when the ball is way above the goal keeper.

Whats the best way to stike a ball?

The best way for me is to let go of the ball right when you hit the line.

How do you get in shape for a soccer midfielder?

The best way to get in shape for a soccer midfielder is to exercise. Running exercises are best for this sport.

How do you kick a soccer ball 5 yards?

there is no way you just have to have a strong foot like me i play soccer i can kick a ball across a basketball court in the air with little effort

What is the best way to practice for soccer?

Enter a club

How do you do a knuckle ball in soccer?

Well for me i will,well first of all i am too a soccer player.So for me i guess to kick a soccer ball you should use your instep or your laces and keep it that way and don't bend your heels hope it helped...

What is the best way to catch lugia in Pokemon heart gold?

the best way is a master ball or a net ball when it is at 1HP