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I would say the best stragedy for a cyber dragon deck would be to use power bond to fusion summon cyber end dragon then use de-fusion to bring them all back out for a one turn kill.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-31 07:09:31
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Q: What is the best stragety for a cyber drogon deck?
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What is the best deck you can make using only Zane Truesdale booster packs?

Your best bet is a cyber or cyberdark deck, with cards like Cyber Dragon for Cyber and Cyberdark Keel for Cyberdark.

Cyber deck vs gladiator beast deck?

cyber deck

How do you make a best relation with zane truesdale?

use a cyber dragon deck

What sort of deck is best against a Crystal Beast deck?

cyber/jinzo otk or infernity otk or machina force otk

Is a destiny hero deck better than a cyber dragon deck?

It all depends on how you use the crads. Some people might have the best cyber dragon stratigies, or they might know stratigies for D hearos.

How many 'Cyber Dragons' can you have in a Deck?

Cyber Dragon is Semi-Limited. You can have up to two copies of Cyber Dragon in your Deck and Side Deck combined during any official Duel or tournament.

What is the best dragon deck cards?

There are lots Of Dragons But I Suggest The best fusion Ones are Blue eyes Ultimate dragon Cyber End Dragon And Five headed Dragon It Depends how it fits your deck

What is alexis's deck called?

It the Cyber Girl deck but you can't get most of the cards for example they haven't made The Cyber Angels, Doble Passe or Machine Angel Ritual and those make up most of the deck. If you play Yugioh Tag Force 2 and beat the game with Alexis, you will unlock her deck lists in the load recipe section with all of their names. Here is the list: Cyber Angel Cyber Ritual Queen's Ritual White Prima White Prima Rev (My personal fave) Cyber Beauty Cyber Princess Cyber Fraulein Each uses its own general strategy, but they have key similarities, such as the "Cyber" cards and the "Cyber Angel" series.

Can you have more then one 'Cyber Dragon' in your deck?

As of today,( March the 1st 2010), a new banlist has come into effect. You may now have two Cyber Dragons in your deck.

What is the best Yugioh deck you can make with only zane truesdale packs?

Try with different cards , although it helps to revolve around Zanes Cyber Dragon theme but the best way is to edit your deck until you find something that suits you!

What do you need for a cyber deck?

For a list of recommended cards to use in a Cyber DragonDeck, click on the first "Related Link".For a list of recommended cards to use in a CyberdarkDeck, click on the second "Related Link."

What pack does proto cyber dragon come in?

It comes in the Machina Mayhem structure deck.

What are Zane Trusdale's Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

mainly cyber cards just make sure that they are machines and have power bond and different demension capsule. *Zane Truesdale's cards in the anime "Yu-Gi-Oh GX" originally are based on Cyber Dragon, Cyber Lazer Dragon, Cyber Barrier Dragon, Cyber Twin Dragon, Cyber End Dragon, Cyber Kirin, Cyber Phoenix, and Power Bond. Later in the anime, he traded in his "Light Cyber" deck for the "Cyber Dark" deck. Those cards consisted of Cyber Dark Horn, Cyber Dark Edge, Cyber Dark Keel, Chimaeratech Overdragon, and Cyber Dark Dragon. There is a detailed wikipedia page dedicated to him, if you want to know more. -Dragonheart91* Just go to and look up Zane. They have a list of all of his cards.

What is zane's deck made up of in yugioh tag force evoulution?

YOUR FACE and cyber cards

What is the best deck in yu gi oh?

The best deck is what you like and how you use it, there is no best deck just like water puts out fire and so on there is always a meta-deck that will always beat another meta-deck.

Do many people have the Cyber End Dragon?

i have the cyber end dragon and i bet it can beat any deck i also have cards that i bet nobody has also i never lost a duel

What is the best Yu-Gi-Oh deck list?

There is no "best" deck.

Can you use three Cyber Dragons and three Proto Cyber Dragons in a Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

Yes you can. Proto-Cyber Dragon is only treated as Cyber Dragon when it is on the field.This is different than Harpie Lady 1, Harpie Lady 2, Harpie Lady 3, and Cyber Harpie Lady that are treated as "Harpie Lady" all the time and thus you can only use a combination of three of these cards per Deck and Side Deck combined.It is similar, however, to the Harpie Queen ruling. Harpie Queen is only treated as a "Harpie Lady" when it is on the field or in the Graveyard. It does not specify that it is always treated as such. Because of this, you can have up to three Harpie Queens and three Harpie Ladycombinations in your Deck and Side Deck combined.It is important to note that as of the March 2010 Forbidden/Limited Card List, Cyber Dragon has been Semi-limited. Therefore, a player can have up to two Cyber Dragons in their Deck and Side Deck combined.

What is zane truesdale deck?

Zane Truesdale's deck is based around his Cyber Barrier Dragon card. In Japan, Zane's name was Ryo Marufuji, and he was nicknamed "Kaiser Ryo".

What is the best Pokemon starter deck?

the best starter deck are squirtle sindoquil and turtwig

How do you summon a fusion monster with deck size 40 or less?

Honestly, it depends on what type of deck you use. If it's the Cyber Dragon deck, you can use the spell cards "Polymerization", "Super Polymerization", "Power Bond", & "Instant Fusion". But it mainly depends on the type of deck you use.

Is a Phoenix scooter deck the best deck in the world?

in my opinion the original phoenix is one of the best.

What is the best sounding cassette deck I can buy?

In my opinion, the best cassette deck is made by sony.

Show Zane Truesdales deck cards?

I got this from a Zane Truesdale Duelist Pack, it doesn't show how many of one card he has, but its a start. This is light and dark Zanes deck I think. Cyber Dragon Cyber Barrier Dragon Cyber Laser Dragon Proto-Cyber Dragon Cyber Kirin Cyber Phoenix Cyberdark Horn Cyberdark Edge Cyberdark Keel Infernal Dragon Cyber Twin Dragon Cyber End Dragon Chimeratech Overdragon Cyberdark dragon Mystical Space Typhoon Limiter Removal De-Fusion Creature Swap Different Dimension Capsule Power Bond Photon Generator unit Overlode Fusion Future Fusion Ruthless Denial Call Of The Haunted Trap Jammer Attack Reflector Unit Return Soul Damage Polarizer Fusion Guard

What is the best Yu-Gi-Oh deck out deck?

Pegas' deck and Yugi's is pretty good.

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