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Q: What is the best sports in the world?
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Who is the best sports man in the world?

the best sports man in the world is LIONEL MESSI

What is the no1 sports in the world?

the best sports in world the just be a cricket cricket cricket.

What are the best sports cars in the world?

a mini

What is value of sports?

sports are the most best thing in the world

What is the best sports game in the world?

Rugby, easily

Which sports event is the best?

the world cup =D

What is the world's best selling magazine?

Spider is the best selling magazine in the world.

Best sports man in the world?

Patrick Dangerfeild, Bernard Tomic

What is the best sports university in the world?

It is either Stanford or ucla or usc

What are the aims and objectives of jd sports?

is to make profit best answer in the world

Is domanik ilijevski the best sports player?

yes domanik ilijevski is the best in the world and will distroy you

The world's best selling game?

The world's best selling game is currently "Wii Sports" which has sold 41.65 million units.