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brighton ski resort in Utah

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Q: What is the best snowboard terrain park?
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How do you make a simple snowboard drop in?

If your at the terrain park you have to yell DROPPING IN and if no one is in front of you just go.

How do you build a backyard snowboard park?

first you need a hill then pack snow to make jumps add some rails and boxs and you got yourself a backyard terrain park

What is the best park snowboard binding?

Probably some burton bindings or flow.

What are some of the best mountains on the east coast for park snowboarding?

By far the best terrain park as rated by Transworld magazine is Carinthia at Mount Snow, VT which has 100 acres of unique terrain for riders of all abilities. Another good park to check out in Vermont is Stratton's terrain park but you will need to visit their website in order to obtain access to their terrain parks. There is a video and short quiz on park safety and etiquette. If you have ever been to a terrain park you should find no trouble in passing the quiz.

What is the best snowboard in the world?

for park definatly the lib tech skate banana but for everything else it depends

Do you know of any Ski/Snowboard Terrain Park Engineering Class Or heard of such progam in any form, corp. or public Certifications, Degrees,any qualifications available except experience?

A terrain park is an outdoor area that contains terrain that allows skiers and snowboarders to do tricks. Terrain parks have their roots in skateboard parks and many of the features are common to both. One of the first in-bounds terrain parks was the "Snowboard Park" built in 1990 at the Vail resort[1]. The park was copied soon in other resorts. Today most resorts have terrain parks, with many having multiple parks of varying difficulty. Some resorts are almost exclusively terrain parks such as Echo Mountain Park in Idaho Springs, Colorado, USA. In Colorado there has been a recent trend for defunct resorts such as Squaw Pass (now Echo Mountain Park) to be reopened, catering to terrain park users. Terrain parks (in the United States and Canada) have designations with respect to safety similar to standard alpine slopes. They differ in their designation and degrees of difficulty. They are identified with orange ovals to differentiate them from standard slopes, and are further distinguished by Large, Medium, o

What is a freestyle snowboard?

A freestyle snowboard is a snowboard used while on a free style course. It is a board that is used to do tricks and "jibs" on a wide array of manmade terrain features such as rails, boxes and jumps.

What is the best freestyle snowboard?

The Burton Dominant snowboard

What is the best type of snowboard?

If your a beginner the best snowboard is a freestyle snowboard. They are easier to turn and more forgiving when you lose your balance.

What is the best snowboard shop EVER?

I think that its Stevens Pass Snowboard Shop.

What is the best snowboard company?


What is a snowboarding Terrain Park?

A snowboarding Terrain Park is a part of a ski resort that has jumps, rails, boxes, jibs, Half-pipes, etc.

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