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****Answer**** They are all pretty good but i can definitely say Alien Workshop is the best all around. =P

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2009-08-03 17:06:31
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Q: What is the best skateboard for flip tricks?
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Is rollerblading better than skateboarding?

No roller-blading is fun but you can't do flip tricks, on a skateboard can do the spin tricks, like on Rollerblades, but you can also do flip tricks, i recommend skateboarding.

What is the best brand of skateboard to get for quality?

If you are looking for a lightweight boards with spring loaded pop (helps with tricks such as the ollie and all the tricks after it) and durability the best brands to look at are Plan B (highly recommended) and Flip.

What is the best skateboard company for tricks?


Who was the first to come up with a skateboard trick?

What kind of trick? It depends... There are many kinds of tricks such as flip, grind, lip etc. For different tricks, different people thought of them. For ex. Rodney Mullen invented the"flip" tricks.

Skateboard tricks that start with ollie?

There are many tricks based on the ollie like the pop shove-it, kick flip, and heel flip just to name a few. The ollie is a trick vital to skateboarding, you want to master it before moving on to more advanced tricks.

Is flip a good skateboard brand?

flip is one of the best skate boards you could buy.

How many different types of tricks can you do on a skateboard?

well... first there are the basics. kickflip, heelflip, shove it. then there are variations like varial kickflip, varial heelflip. example: kickflip + 360 shove it = 360 flip AKA tre flip there are many tricks. most of them are variations of basic tricks

What are the vert skateboard tricks?

they are pretty much grabs boneless, airwalk, tail grab, rocket, mctwist, 720, one foot grab, ollie back flip, toe flip, crooked, heel flip

What is the best ply for skateboard decks?

matter what your looking for 7 is a good light one for doing some flip tricks. 8 is a little heavier but will make the board last a little longer.

Do skateboard tricks have numbers?


What are some cool tricks to do with a skateboard?

There are many cool tricks that one could do with a skateboard while skating. One of the coolest things one can do with a skateboard is to grind rails or corners with the skateboard.

What is the fastest speed on a skateboard?

Ben harvatts Flip appleyard/core skateboard is the fastest,best,most valued skateboard ever! But billy's is pretty good too,

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