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This is subjective. There are few manufacturers of pool table covers to choose from. A good pool table cover is water-proof, preventing any spills from reaching the table surface. For this reason, most pool table covers are of vinyl. The good table covers have cloth backing and are of heavy gauge vinyl. With normal proper handling, these can last a lifetime.

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Q: What is the best pool table cover for the money?
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What is a pool table cover?

A pool table cover protects the surface of a pool table from debris, dust, and spills. It is usually made from a reinforced vinyl, so it is waterproof. The table side of the cover is usually of a reinforcing cloth.

Why is a pool table called a pool table?

It is a pocket billiards table, but during the 1920's men would "pool" their money for betting, hence the name pool table came to use. The common term used today is "pool table".

What are some good pool table brands?

Brunswick and Olhausen are two of the best, but there are many good pool table brands.

How can you make money with a pool table?

You really can't make money with a pool table, but by having your own pool table you can practice often enough to make money playing pool elsewhere. You can host a small pool tournament if you have your own table, and if you are good enough to be the winner, you will win money. However, hosting a small one table tournament is nearly always a loss to the host. If there are not many other good locations nearby, it is possible to have a "house fee" which can turn it from a loss to a profit for hte host.

How do you cover bar room pool table?

92 and a 1/4 inch long 53 inches wide and 18inches freeboard. regular dynamo bar pool table with coin slots. i need a durable cover.

Can a pool table have 8 pockets?

No, if a pool table is not configured as a 6 pocket pool table it is not a pool table today.

How do you measure a pool table for a new cover?

You don't. There is no reason to measure it, as pool table covers are not sold that way. the only information you need is what the table size is referred to as. Such as 8 foot or 9 foot.

Should you cover your outdoor pool table?

You definitely want to cover your outdoor pool table because nature is not going to protect it for you. Bugs, birds, rain, etc will all damage the top so you need to put something on it.

What is the best folding pool table to buy?

There are no folding pool tables made today. There are toy pool tables for children, and because they do not provide the same "action" as a real pool table, it is arguable that any could be considered good or best.

Where can one purchase pool table lighting products?

Pool table lighting products are best purchased from specialist lighting retailers or from games supply companies such as GamePlus. They can ensure the lighting is best matched to the table.

How much does a swimming pool cover cost?

Having a cover for your pool will save money and keep your pool clean. Covers can range from $50-500 depending on what style you are looking for. You can buy them online or at a pool retailer.

How old is your pool table?

I do not own a pool table.

What is the best glue for pool table felt?

Weldwood contact cement

What is the difference between a pool table and a billiard table -?

a pool table has balls but billard table has balls to play i would reccommed the pool table

How much money can you expect to save by purchasing a used pool table instead of a new one?

It really depends on who the seller of the used pool table is and what they want for it. It also depends on the condition of the pool table (gently used vs. very used).

What is a pool cover called?

A pool cover is called a POOL COVER. (KISS.. (keep it simple, stupid).

What places sell pool table covers?

Pool table covers are available from Amazon, CueSight, Border Billiards, WalMart, eBay, Target, and other online and retail stores. The Mizerak Premium Pool Table Cover, available from Amazon, is one of the highest-rated, at a cost of $80.

What is the best way to fix holes in mesh pool cover?

The best way to fix holes in a mesh pool cover is to sew it. If the holes are too large for this you should consider just replacing it.

What is Best material for pool cover?

Any type of material that is A) Thick B) Make sure the material is an not made of any type of Insulator like paper or wood C) The best type of pool cover that keeps your pool warm and clean is better off to be a plastic cover.

Can you use felt from Joans for a pool table?

No. Pool table felt is a specialized felt designed specifically for pool tables. There are many variations of table felt and each will react differently with the balls, and each has a differnt lifespan on the table. Use of felt not designed for pool table use will result in poor play at best, and will quickly be destroyed at worst.

What is the material used to cover card or billiard tables?

Felt, however the same types of felt are not used for these 2 very different purposes. There are many type of felt. Pool table felt is unique and is expensive, generally with the most expensive pool table felts being the best for speed and ball action. Card table felt is simple fabric that can be purchased at a fabric store - the only requirement for card table felt is to cover the table and last awhile under card playing.

Pool Cover?

form_title= Pool Cover form_header= Keep your pool protected with a cover! What is the square footage of your pool?*= _ [50] What is the shape of your pool?*= _ [50] How often will the pool be covered?*= _ [50]

How many pockets that a pool table have?

A pool table has 6 pockets

How do you say pool table in french?

Pool table in french is billard

How many pockets are there on a pool table?

there are 6 pockets on a pool table