Best Answer is the best place to get skate shoes they have all the best brands. Like lakai, circa, emerica, you get my point.

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Q: What is the best place to get skate shoes?
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What is the top 10 best skate shoes?

dc shoes Nike skate shoes fallen vans skate shoes zuimiez warriar thats it

How can you tell how old a pair of Vans skate shoes are?

vans are the best skate shoes

Best skate shoes?

from what I've seen the best skate shoes are Fallen, DC, Etnies, Globe, Vans, and Adio do pretty well. Durability is a different story but if you want performance these are the right shoes. Actuly C1rca is the best skate shoe out there no supras are the best no DC is the best

Are dc skate shoes good?

yes. they're the best.

What is the best website to shop for skate shoes? i bout my shoes there i swear try it out!!

What are the best shoes for shuffling?

The ones with a flat, non grippy sole. Preferably Skate shoes.

Vans Skate shoes or vans slip on which should i get?

i once got slip ons and never used them as skate shoes and then got skate shoes and used them as skate shoes alot

Where can you buy Osiris Skate Shoes?

your local skateshop if you have a journeys or PAC sun in your local mall you can but maybe the best place to get them iss

Ranking of best skate shoes?

I would say if you were using them for show rather then skate buy etnies but skate rather then show buy vans

Are vans shoes skate shoes?


What is the best place to get a skate board?


Most expensive skate shoes in the world?

The most expensive skate shoes are Supras