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Q: What is the best pipe for a stock suzuki raider 150?
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How fast will a stock 2007 Suzuki z250 go?

It will go about 50 stock with pipe 55 and with bore kit and exhaust about 60

About how fast can a stock Suzuki Raider 150 go?

THIS might put a lot of unreasonable expectations in younger people who own a Suzuki Raider 150. Fresh from a good, well-performed break-in, an older Suzuki Raider 150 2005 model will go up to a fair 130 to 140 KPH if the driver weighs 125 lbs. and shifts gears at 11,000 RPM. I own 3 Suzuki Raiders (2005, 2007 and 2009 models) and have yet to see one that comes out of the break-in period that can run 150 KPH, let alone 140 KPH. So don't lose heart if your stock Raider 150 doesn't even hit 130 KPH- that speed is quite difficult to achieve without altering your engine, intake and exhaust ports, and the exhaust pipe. Most of all, getting a stock Raider 150 to hit 130 KPH requires skill, experience, and a LOT of clear open road. Be safe. Test drive your motorbike on the race track and wear a helmet, riding boots, and safety gear. The faster you go, the shorter time it takes to die on the road.

What are the best open pipes for a raider 150?

Cf musashi pipe.. I am a satisfied user of musashi, from sound,performance,looks..certified jaw dropper!

How fast does a suzuki lt500 quadzilla go?

stock lt500 goes 78mph but with a pipe jet kit and k&n air filter it will hit 85 mph

What car company has recalled thousands of NZ vehicles due to a fuel pipe defect?

either Suzuki Holden or BMWIt is infact suzuki

How do you make your Suzuki Ozark quadrunner 250cc exhaust louder?

drill holes in the pipe

How do you increase the speed of raider r150?

Increasing the speed of the Suzuki Raider R150 is SERIOUS BUSINESS, as it is already one of the fastest under-bone motorcycles in its class. But it CAN be made to go faster, with a few modifications: to the exhaust system and the engine's ports. I MUST STRESS THIS: Engine modifications of this sort are best done by Licensed SUZUKI RACING TEAM Mechanics. As it is easy to DIY (Do It Yourself), it is also easier to waste a perfectly good motorbike with inexperience and misinformation: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MODIFY AN ENGINE IF YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO DO SO. Neither should you have this done by a mechanic who is NOT experienced with Suzuki Motorcycles. Still interested? Read on... 1.To start with, changing the exhaust pipe to a "CALIBRATED HEADER"- more commonly called an "open pipe" adds a bit more power, and thus, speed. A "CALIBRATED HEADER" is an exhaust pipe that is DESIGNED TO MAXIMIZE EXHAUST OUTPUT without compromising BACK PRESSURE or RETURN PRESSURE to the exhaust port valves. Plainly speaking, the exhaust pipe should be made by a company that is known to have designed pipes for the Raider R150 using SCIENTIFIC METHODS in auto mechanics. A pipe that is not designed this way will only add more noise to your Raider than power and speed. 2. Get a reputable EXPERIENCED mechanic to POLISH THE PORTS (Intake and Exhaust) of your Raider engine. This will involve SHAVING and SMOOTHING the insides of the ports so that the gasoline and air mixture enter the engine in greater amounts and the exhaust is expelled more rapidly. Doing too much of this is IRREVERSIBLE and will do more harm to the engine than good. 3. Purchase RACING CAMS- these will open and close the intake and exhaust valves more efficiently and will result in better acceleration and thus, speed. Have these installed by a Licensed Suzuki Motorcycle Mechanic or your valves may break (very expensive repair) or your engine may blow apart (MORE expensive repair). Once done perfectly, WEAR YOUR HELMET AND PROTECTIVE GEAR, go out to a race-track and test the modifications BEFORE you drive your bike on populated roads. There are other modifications you can do to make your Suzuki Raider R150 go even faster, but...if you're looking for more speed, maybe you should buy yourself a bike with a bigger engine AND a reputation for speed.

What is the stock exhaust pipe size on a 1998 silverado?

its about 2.5" but that is from the headers to the muffler and the tail pipe is 3"

How fast is a 1997 Honda cr 125r with a fatty pipe?

About 80-85with a fatty pipe, about 76-80 stock.

Where is the o2 sensors on a 94 suzuki sidekick?

On the exhaust pipe between the exhaust manifold and the catilitic converter. Looks kind of like a spark plug screwed into the pipe.

What is the stock exhaust pipe size on a 1992 Honda Civic?


Can an exhaust pipe be installed on a stock go ped engine?