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A Sharpy fine point marker is good. It does not erase easily.

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Most people think permanent marker, but the best is actually blue ballpoint pen.

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Silver paint pen

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Q: What is the best pen to autograph footballs?
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What brand of pen is best when signing a autograph on a hockey card?

A thin point sharpie is the best pen to use when autographing a hockey card.

What is the best pen to autograph a book with?

Sharpies usually work pretty well.

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How do I remove a paint pen autograph from a mini football helmet?

If it is a glossy helmet, you can probably use a Q tip or cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Just rub the autograph and it will come off.

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What is the best type of pen to use to autograph a soccer ball?

I would use a fine tip, regular run of the mill, Sharpie. The ultra fine tip would be too small and not hold up as long.

How much is Jerry Rice NFL Beanie Baby worth?

It depends on what the autograph is on (picture, football, helmet, etc) and if anyone else's autograph is also on it. That being said, most authentic Jerry Rice autographs of pictures are in the $100 range and obviously autographed footballs/helmets only increase from there.

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